T.G.I.Friday’s Brings Tastes of America

T.G.I.Friday’s is giving us another reason to celebrate as they bring us the tastes of America! Laid out with amazing flavors we all loved, Tastes of America are surely the way to capture our patriotic Filipino hearts.

Start off your meal with the scrumptious Southwest Shrimp Salad made from the freshest ingredients to ensure that yummy crunch in every bite. Next, taste the sunny flavors of Florida with the Miami Cubano Chicken Stack followed by Kansas Mashed Potato and you’ll definitely see the yellow brick road to paradise. You can also have the juicy crowd favorite Chicago Braised Pork Belly and get some of that real Chicago flair in your mouth. Top off your dish of choice with either Chili Pineapple or Apple Cucumber mojito and you’ll feel like it's Friday on any day of the week.
Whatever your choice is, T.G.I.Friday’s will make sure that you’ll get a taste of America in every bite.


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Be Nice - Be An Inspiration

Cara. Vodka. Rose. What's a better way to end this week? I'm glad that it's Friday, again. I'm planning to focus working hard online over the weekend. Can you feel the year is going too fast? It seems like just a few days ago that we were celebrating the new year and now 2014 is about to bid us goodbye one day soon. Have you done something extraordinary this year? I have lots of plans for next year, I pray to God to help and guide me. If it's his will, it shall happen. 

In the meantime, check out the current stuff I covet, then go on scrolling over to view few more inspirational photos.

(Photos via Tumblr)

Have a happy and a fabulous weekend ahead! 
Be nice to people around you as much as possible. :)


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Marc Jacobs Wishlist

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  3. Love Stud Earrings - Oro
  4. Charlie Glove - Black Multi
  5. Cat Eye Sunglasses - Black/Gray Gradient
  6. Domo Arigato Landscape Pouch - Black
  7. Scribble Mirror iPhone 5 / 5S Case - Gold Multi
  8. Stitched Ankle Booties - Black
  9. Dreamy Logo Delicate Sweetie Pendant Necklace - Cream
  10. Henry Skeleton Leather Watch - Gold/Black


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