Friday Lovin' From Tumblr

12/9/11 Philippines

All I know is I'm so into tumblring lately. I love the photos I'm seeing there, oh how I wish I can put it all to my wardrobe .Everything there are so attractive and so inspiring. And I wanna share some to you. So here are my top pick for today:

Bag From Givenchy
The bag is simple but eye-catching! I want to own that. :)

Beats By Dr. Dre
 Oh! This one is so girly that's why I like it, It's glittery effect is so glamorous.

Photo from Tumblr
 This clothes are my fave! I want it!, srsly. The first time I saw them all I said was ''Wow! I want that''.

Photo from Tumblr
I find these heels so attractive because of the style in the front Uuggghhh. I don't know how to call it. >.<  The zipper at the back is fetching.

Typo From Tumblr
So this is my quotation for today from tumblr. :)

How about you? What things you are longing for so long?
Any quotations you can share?

XO Jen

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