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SIGMA BEAUTY: Keep the world beautiful.

Sigma beauty releases new make-up product. It's the new Sigma Beauty makeup line: the DARE, BARE and FLARE eye shadow palettes! 

Wondering what color or shade of eye shadow you need from a particular event? With this Sigma Eye Shadow Palettes you have every color you need to go from day to night event, from neutral to bright and even from casual to formal in just a few minutes. And the good thing about this product is that it comes with a different dual-ended brush featuring Sigma Beauty's all time best-selling brushes.

Each Sigma Eye Shadow Palette contains 8 eye shadow colors and a carefully selected dual-ended brush. With the variety of colors, you can create countless makeup looks of whatever shade or mix you like. And the best of this all is the affordable price at only $35 a palette! You can go shopping HERE. Don't waste the opportunity of getting this amazing product of Sigma Beauty! :)

Check out this lovely products!

Eye Shadow Palette - Flare
The Sigma Beauty FLARE palette contains a beautiful combination of greens and purples, combined with browns and beiges that are perfect to create fun and colorful looks. FLARE is perfect for those days when you want to highlight your eyes with fun and flirty colors!

Eye Shadow Palette - Dare
The Sigma Beauty DARE palette includes the perfect mix of vibrant and neutral shades by warm and cool tones. DARE Allows you to create colorful looks that can be easily acentuated with bright or deep colors. Go from day to night in seconds.
Eye Shadow Palette - Bare
The Sigma Beauty BARE palette is a must for everyday use. Ideal to create classic neutral looks, BARE is perfect for accentuating your best features without too much color distraction. BARE is perfect for natural yet improved you!

Isn't it all an amazing products? Which product or shade of eye shadow do you like? For me, I want the BARE one. :) As it says it is a must for everyday use! And I'll buy that anytime, soon. :) Just leave a comment of what product you want. :)


Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels. -Bertolt Brecht

Just a quick post! Okay, this is my newest wedge sandals from Mario D'boro. 

It's such a long time since I last purchased a wedge heels, because lately I used to buy flats sandals. And Oh I miss the feeling of wearing heels! Seriously. :) And I conclude that wedge heels are more comfy than stilettos. I can go everywhere wearing wedges but It's a No No when I'm wearing stilettos. :D
So here some snap shots of the details of my newest wedge heels. I don't what to call it? Anything you want to say about where it is made from. :)

Here's another shot! And I'm loving that ribbon style out there! Aha! Black is elegant, right? i was about to buy the white one but there's no available size for me. :( That's my problem when buying shoes! I'm on the last/big size and most of the time it is not available. Poor. So lucky me whenever I found a size of me and the style I love. I'll surely buy it. :)

What you think of my newest wedge heels? How about you, when did you last bought a pair of wedge heels? Just leave a comment if you want to share it. :)

XO Jen


Friday Lovin' From Tumblr

All I know is I'm so into tumblring lately. I love the photos I'm seeing there, oh how I wish I can put it all to my wardrobe .Everything there are so attractive and so inspiring. And I wanna share some to you. So here are my top pick for today:

Bag From Givenchy
The bag is simple but eye-catching! I want to own that. :)

Beats By Dr. Dre
 Oh! This one is so girly that's why I like it, It's glittery effect is so glamorous.

Photo from Tumblr
 This clothes are my fave! I want it!, srsly. The first time I saw them all I said was ''Wow! I want that''.

Photo from Tumblr
I find these heels so attractive because of the style in the front Uuggghhh. I don't know how to call it. >.<  The zipper at the back is fetching.

Typo From Tumblr
So this is my quotation for today from tumblr. :)

How about you? What things you are longing for so long?
Any quotations you can share?

XO Jen

Herbench: Born In Manila, Sold Worldwide.

Herbench/Bench Philippines
Bench/Herbench is one of my favorite brand here in the Philippines. And It's invading the fashion world globally! We're all aware of the show America's Next Top Model, right? Just a little information, Bench Body Products are used and modeled by America's Next Top Model's finalist last November 2011, isn't amazing? ''A Top Show From America, A Global Brand From Manila''. Well, that was just a piece of information from me.

Recently, I bought two products from herbench, It's a Royal Blue Sleeveless Blouse with Lace on Top and A Denim Jeggings. Oooh! I just love those items I bought. It totally fits my figure. The Jeggings are so amazing! Thanks to that bench crew for offering me all their skinny jeans to fit and I'm glad I found it! it freaking fits my lower extremities. I'm really satisfied with it. So here's how it looks. 

Here's my lovely royal blue blouse.

Front View of my Royal Blue
Sleeveless Blouse with Lace on Top

Whole Back View of the Blouse.

The Lacey Part on top part of the blouse.
Upper Back Of the Blouse.

And here's my lovely jeggings.

My jeggings from herbench.

Front View Of the Jeggings
A zipper on Right Pocket Area
of the jeggings is nice.
Jeggings From Herbench

That's It! What can you say about it? Once i wear it, I'll take a snap shot so I can show you how it totally fits my body. :) Hope you find it amazing, too! Have a great day, gorgeous!

XO Jen


The Victoria's Secret Angels: Who do you adore most?

Victoria's Secret Angels
Most of us know about these stunning ladies, or angels should I say. They are the known models/spokeswomen of the  American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products, Victoria's Secret. A lot of girls dream of becoming an angel, too! And I'm one of them (Well, A girl can dream, right?) Are you dreaming of it, too?

Every year, we look forward to the Victoria's secret Fashion Show, a show full of glamour and the only star are the Victoria's Secret Angels. And I must say that the 2011 VS Fashion Show is totally an amazing one! The angels are all stunning in the runway.The event's theme was "It's Show Time!" and the models took it to heart,  modeling six different collections: Ballet, Passion, Aquatic, "I Put a Spell on You," Club Pink and Super Angels.

Among all the angels, who do you adore most? Who do you think is the one who really stand-out of them all? Who should be crown as the most sexiest and most stunning of all the angels?

Miranda Kerr
For me? I'll choose Miranda Kerr! She's my all time favorite among them all! Her face feature are just close to perfection. I love her hair, her lips, her eyes, her body and everything about her. This year VS Fashion Show, she wears the $2.5 million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra, and she really did well on the runway. 

How about you? Who do you adore most?

Is it Adriana Lima?
Alessandra Ambrosio?
Behati Prinsloo?
Candice Swanepoel?
Chanel Iman
Doutzen Kroes?
Erin Heatherton?
Lily Aldridge?
Lindsay Ellingson?
Marissa Miller?
Miranda Kerr?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Just leave a comment so I would know. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Much Love. <3

Girls Felicity From A Chanel Bag

The Original Chanel Handbag

The original Chanel handbag was called the 2.55. The name comes from the month and year it was created: February, 1955. After that date, Karl Lagerfeld, who collaborated with Chanel and took over the business in 1983, reintroduced the same handbag in 2005. It has the same exact details as the original handbag.

 Chanel Classic Flap in Gold Alligator 
Every girls nowadays would've love to own Chanel Bag, right? This Chanel bag's gonna bring a smile and an intense sense of yearning to everyone who sets their eyes on it. This  Chanel Classic Flap in Gold Alligator is just so eye-catchy with it's metallic  gold appearance. This one is perfect for a girl's night out thing.  I think I'll love to wear this  with a sleek pair of slacks and a crisp blouse. That would be awesome!  How about you? What would you pair with this stunning bag If ever you have one?


The 2.5 Million Dollar Bra

Miranda Kerr wearing the $2.5 million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra. (It is handset with nearly 3400 precious gems, including white and yellow diamonds, pearls, citrines and aquamarines, set in 18 karat white and yellow gold. The centerpiece tassel is adorned with two white diamonds, over 8 carats each, and two yellow diamonds, over 14 carats each.)
"I have always wanted to wear the Fantasy Bra, and when my agent called me and told me, I was so excited. It was really special," -Miranda Kerr

 And I must say Miranda wearing that million dollar bra on the runway during the VS Fashion Show 2011 is really stunning! It's every girl's dream. Her body is just so near to perfection and to know that she just gave birth to baby Flynn's this year. Isn't it amazing ? Her body is so amazing.

What you guys can say about that 2.5 million dollar bra? Who's gonna avail that Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra?