Cutie Kitty Eyeglasses


Oh my! I fell in love with these Hello Kitty Eyeglasses the moment I saw them from THE STYLE MACHINE on facebook. The owner of the shop is generous enough to sent me these for review. ^_^

Anyway, these Hello Kitty Eyeglasses frames are really cute, perfect to those girls who love to mix and match when accessorizing their outfit. I know most of us love to wear sunglasses especially at this summer season but don't you love to make a twist and instead wear this cool eyeglasses frames from THE STYLE MACHNE? They still have 6 more hello kitty designs and you can find it HERE. And I can say that the transaction is really fast, it took only one day of waiting and I finally got my items. I'm really particular with that, I really want a fast transaction every time I go shopping online. Two thumbs up for THE STYLE MACHINE! :)

And THE STYLE MACHINE also have a lots of iPhone4/4s and blackberry cases to choose from. You'll surely love their shop. Some of the iPhone4/4s cases that can be found there are the hello kitty case *i think the owner loves hello kitty*, Camera-like cases, glittery look cases, stitch of Disney cases, cassette tape like cases and even calculator like case. Oh my! They are all awesome! That inspires me to buy iPhone now *lol* maybe one day I can buy one. :) Anyway, take a look of it all HERE. Grab yours now! :) 

And you know what I really want to buy from THE STYLE MACHINE? It's their MIRROR/ACCESSORIES CLOSET! My gaaah! It's so cuuute! And perfect to those girls who have a lot of accessories. Take a look of it HERE! I want it! Yay! Big mirror + Accessories Closet Inside = Perfection and Happiness! <3

You should check their shop now! Go HERE.
Like their Facebook Page HERE.

PS: Photo Diary with my Hello Kitty Eyeglasses Frames

With my Hello Kitty Eyeglasses. :)

My Hello Kitty Eyeglasses. I really love the color! :)

And with my Hello Kitty Eyeglasses ON! :) I love it! :)

Don't you find it attractive? Aha! :) You can leave a comment below. And don't forget to visit THE STYLE MACHINE, Okay? <3

XO Jen

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