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Heels, Wedges & More. All at MODOCAT.COM

Are you the type of girl who loves to wear heels or wedges? Or even booties, flats, oxford and sandals? Well, I'm introducing MODOCAT.COM to you! :) They all have what you want.


Established in 2011, Modocat’s vision is to transform the streets into fashionable catwalks in every girl’s life. They offer a select choice of clothing, shoes and accessories that brings out your inner wild animal. Modocat’s brands consist of both emerging new designers and established, chic high fashion brands to guarantee the latest trends for every budget.
 And you know what? I can give you a SPECIAL COUPON CODE to use when shopping at MODOCAT.COM! :)

Ain't that amazing? You have a lot to choose from and you can get up to 50% discount! Wow! MODOCAT.COM is so awesome! ;)

And by the way they also have the foll:

And they also have SALE items! Check it all HERE!

**Special International $35 flat rate shipping up to 2.27kg (5lb) e.g. 2 pair of most shoes, 2-5 clothing items etc..
And that's all! I just want to share MODOCAT.COM to you, guys! :)
What do you think of this shop? Share with  me your experience shopping at MODOCAT.COM :)
Just drop your comments on the boxx below. :)
XO Jen 

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