Hello, My Prince


Ssssshh. I will share a secret to you...

It's all about UNIQSO.
It is an online store which is selling unique colored circle lenses/contact lenses and accessories for eyes make up & nails make up. They were established in December 2010 and formerly known as Youniquenails.com. They have fancy & safe to use circle lenses/contact lenses, quality make up accessories and healthy water based nail polishes . They offer the best quality products for you through online.
And you know what they usually say? I mean their Motto? You would love their motto, It's "Let's make you UNIQUE!" Woah! With conviction! Don't you want that? :)

Regarding my experienced communicating with them, I can say It's really nice! They are approachable enough when you have a lot of queries. And the delivery is quite fast but I got my lenses way too late because of the post office service here on our place :( The notice they sent me didn't reach me. i only got the lenses after trying to call the office a couple of times. But what is important is the package arrived to me safely and complete. :)

Okay, so why am I sharing this one? It's because I want to share to you my newest big eyes contact lenses! *happy* A long time ago I was wondering how some people can make their eyes appear bigger, I thought it has something to do with those makeup on but then I figured out that it's because of the diameter of the contact lens. After that, I wonder how would I look like if I'm wearing those type of contact lens. And thanks to UNIQSO for letting me experience that! I can feel the uniqueness! What did they sent me? It's the KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK contact lens. 
Actually, they've chosen it for me, I just said the color that I want plus I want my eyes to appear bigger and VOILA! They sent me the KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK! And with no doubt, I fell in love with my prince (KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK). 

Let me say something about KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK

Brand: ( Kimchi (SUNnBON) )
Weight: 0.1000kg
Price: $USD22.90

***You want a DISCOUNT??? I can give you, they gave me a special discount code EXCLUSIVE for my followers so here it is, just use the code FASHIONGALLERY and a 10% discount will automatically deducted from the original price. Awesome! :)


  • Sold as per pair
  • Diameter = 16mm
  • Base Curve = 8.6mm
  • Water Content = 55%
  • Replacement Period = 12 months (1 year)
  • Availability =2 - 3 days
I'll show you now my KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK Contact Lenses.
I failed to capture the packaging of this contact lenses, but the packaging is very cute, neat and sealed. :)

Let me first show you the cutie box wherein the vial of  the contact lenses are inside. I find it really cute, the UNIQSO logo is so girly and fab! The teddy bears on four side and really cute. :D

There's my PRINCE! Sealed and safe with bubble wrap plastic.

Cute Vials! So girly! :)

Everything is so attractive. The package. The Box. The vials. The Lens Case. And of course the Contact Lenses. :)

A closer look to my KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK Contact Lenses:

Wow! Black is always fashionable! <333 Don't you like them?
I'm sure you want me to show a pictures wearing it, right?

Request granted! Here:

WITH MY PRINCE                                    WITHOUT MY PRINCE
Wow! Does it look good on my eyes? :D 
Well, this is my first time to wear big eyes contact lenses so I was a bit terrified before I put them on. Lucky me, it's a bit easy to put on my eyes even though at first I thought i'm uncomfortable with it but it is mainly because it's my FIRST TIME and i'm even laughing after putting it on *i'm just happy & satisfie*. After a couple of minutes, it feels so comfortable already,  my mom even ask me if I'm fine with it, and I said YES! I'm so loving this KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK Contact Lenses. It makes my eye appear more bigger and made my eyes looks really round. *wink* 

Here's my rate:
Enlargement - 5/5 ***It made my eyes appear more bigger and rounder! 
                            I just love it that way!
Design - 4/5  ***Way simple and plain black but really lovely.
Comfort - 5/5 ***I'm really comfortable wearing it! 

And you know what,  I wore those lenses for about 6-7 hours and it doesn't get drier as I'm wearing them. My eyes are not irritated. They're really comfortable. It adds more loveliness in you. Hence, made you more UNIQUE. And that's what UNIQSO wanted. 

Over all I'M SATISFIED!!!

More photos here:

Can you see the difference? :)

And if you want to avail KIMCHI - PRINCE BLACK, Just go HERE.

And want to browse more designs? colors? diameter? 

Simply go to www.uniqso.com

Remember my 10% discount code? Use FASHIONGALLERY :)

Waaaah! I love it! Do you like it? Share your thoughts about it. leave a comment below. :)
Happy reading!

XO Jen


  1. Oh nice post thanks for this sharing like this color looking great.Would try it.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. You should visit http://www.uniqso.com/ for more choices.



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