I love personalized items'


Knowing me? I'm so into personalized items, I don't know why but I just love it. 
And you know what is my favorite  nickyname or username  to let things know that it's actually mine? It's my usual username that I always use when signing up on a social network or whatsoever. That usual common username is "ilovejenna02", I'm sure if you're following me on twitter, instagram and lookbook you are normally aware of this :D Well, i simply love my name and 02 stands for my lucky day, my birthday. :) Yeah, I'm actually in love with it. :)

And I was lucky enough to have a personalized necklace and key chain from Personalized Accessories! They made one for me, Oops! Actually it turns out to be two! They are so generous. :)

Let me first say something about Personalized Accessories:
Personalized Accessories are the ones who makes the items that are ordered. They are not resellers, but they are the direct suppliers of the acrylic items. They have their own machine that makes everything possible.
And now, I will show you now what a fab personalized accessories they can make!

Wow! I really love them! Both are my favorite colors! I love the effect of the green one it seems like glowing in the dark. They offer a lot of different colors, too! You can find it HEREAnd the finishing is really smooth! two thumbs up for them. :)

Personalized Accessories have a lot to offer. Some are Personalized necklace like mine and the key chain, Personalized Stands, Acrylic Necklaces, Acrylic Earrings and Acrylic Rings. All are found HERE

If you fell in love with these items, you'll surely love Personalized Accessories. :)

Like and Visit them on Facebook HERE.
Follow their Official Twitter Account at @itsPAofficial

What are your says about these personalized accessories? feel free to leave a comment below! :) 

XO Jen

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