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Quality Time With My Family πŸ‘☺πŸ‘

Photo Diary:

We had our dinner at Pizza Hut after purchasing a 32' Flat Screen TV! *happy*

Oh lala! This just made me hungry now! lol. I love having quality time with my family. one of the best thing on earth. I'm so blessed to have them. :) 

And oh by the way I'm a pasta and pizza lover! 

And you know what happened next? Shopaholic girl run the mall! Lol! Thanks to Robinson  for  having  this sale. Who doesn't love sale? Arghhh. I know each one of us are always looking forward to mall's SALE! 

Too bad, I failed to capture a whole body shot to share my outfit here :/ Anyway, I'm just wearing a jeggings from herbench and my tops are also from herbench as you can see it's a grey with sequins on the top side and a flats from Mario D'Boro! And i love my Coach Bag here! <33

That's all! Happy Evening! <3

XO Jen

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