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Do you actually believe in magic? Well, If you're wishing to magic yourself to have a young radiant looking skin, a smooth & silkier hair and a slimmer body, I have found a perfect shop! www.magic-potions.com  is the right one for you! 
MAGIC POTIONS Merchandise is an independent distributor of imported and locally - made WELLNESS PRODUCTS such as whitening, slimming, skin care, beauty, food supplements, and other health products in the Philippines.
And you know what? I am so lucky to have the chance to try their products, they are so kind to send me some of their products to try. ^_^ And I'm really excited to try them, hmm.. actually I started trying them since yesterday. :) Here's a picture of what I've got...


Yay! That's it! I'm so excited for the results! I'm currently trying the ANGEL PLACENTA WHITENING NIGHT CREAM to reduce blemishes and pimple marks on my face and the other one is THIONEMAX SKIN LIGHTHENING SOAP to whitens my skin since I went swimming last month and asdfghjkl my skin turns to *sigh* never mind. haha! :) I can feel the positive results! <3 <3 <3 I'll share it to you once there's a visible result already. And my mother will try the EASYSLIM 10 WEIGHT LOSS CAPSULE because I'm skinny already and I'm not in need of a slimming products, but my mom really needs it and she's really hoping for a positive results, too! :)

I'll keep you all posted! <3

What do you think of MAGIC POTIONS? :)  Any thoughts about whitening or slimming products? Just leave your comment on the box below. :)

XO Jen

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