Look At Me, Everyone.


You know what shop I've found recently? It's the LAME (Look at me, everyone)! Their collection is a must have. Look at what I got from LAME:

For me, Black is always fashionable. :) 

Don't you like it? The bracelet was named Kyra and it is around 16 inches long and can be wrapped around the wrist twice or it can be used as necklace. Wow. That's so cool! The touch of gold makes it more elegant looking. And it is also available in different colors like Light Pink and Red, other colors are sold out. You can see more of it HERE. And don't you find my Eloisa Black Tassel Earrings attractive? Well I'm so excited to wear it one of these days. Tassel accessories are so trendy nowadays. So don't missed to have one, check out LAME (Look at me, everyone) for fabulous accessories. Watch-out on my post wearing these lovely accessories. 

Like their Facebook Fan page --> HERE.

Have a great Friday everyone! TGIF! What are your plans today? Finally, Forever 21 Philippines now open at The Block! *applause* :)

XO Jen

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