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Just so great Satoooordaaay! ^_^

The past few days I received bunch of products for review and It was all there altogether at one part of my room. I don't know to actually start posting about it because I was kind of busy lately, a lot of personal things to settle first. I was so lucky today to actually have made some outfit post for all those items. Major in Mix N' Matching! I was so worried it won't be that good just like those top fashion bloggers i really admired but they inspired me a lot so I guess today's effort are all worth it. :D i am really happy and satisfied. I'll be posting those outfit anytime soon, so watch out for it if you're interested. Thanks to my ever supportive cousin who helped me a lot to pursue today's goal. :) He did my make-up and hair style plus he's my photographer, too! Very much supportive, right? I am so lucky I have him :D

So, I'll just keep you posted, aryt? But I'm gonna give you some teaser from my Instagram Posts. :D 
How do I look here? :D
MORE of this outfit SOON. :)
That's it! How do you find it? I hope you like it. Will post about those outfits SOON. :) 

XO Jen

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