Red, Black And Wild


So, I actually fell in love with this outfit. I love everything here! I'm so happy it fits me well.
I'm actually a big fan of skinny leggings, I have a lot of leggings but this is my first time to own a leather one. I actually got this leather leggings at and you know how much this cost? This one cost only for $13, affordable yet fashionable, right?
I have introduced oasap a couple of times to you before but this time I'm showing you an item I got from and that is the New Chic Mirrored Cropped Leggings I'm wearing at this post. I found it really comfortable to wear and it just fits my lower extremity, adding up more sexiness in me *lol* What did I just say? haha! I'm so happy oasap have this lovely leggings. :) Free Shipping Worldwide at oasap.

And my animalistic designed top came from the latest collection of I'm so lucky to received 2 fab tops from, thanks to Mr. Paul & Co.
This is my first time to introduce this one of a kind shop to you.  has been making waves on the London fashion scene since launching in 2005. Founded by DJ and Multimedia artist Benjamin Yarwood.  capture’s the excitement and joy that comes from being young, doing something you love and being alive and free in London. We don’t do posturing or attempt to strut the streets in a self-conscious way because life’s much too important to take seriously. We are however influenced by the street and by the people we meet, by wordplay and culture and by our friends and the loved ones we meet and lose as we make our way along life’s journey.   is an inventive graphic inspired cut and sews jersey range. The team started out as a husband and wife looking for suppliers, until they started their own factory out of a need to find someone who could print their high definition images. The collections are growing by the season and getting stronger and stronger. The collection is stocked in premium stores like Barneys, Beams, Bloomingdales and United Arrows.
This awesome Digital Tongue Vest top I got from add spice on my entire outfit, I love the edge cut of this top and it's elusive design. It's also comfortable to wear, perfect for this summer season! You can get this top HERE. I suggest you visit to see for yourself how gorgeous their collections are! :)

And this awesome bangles I got from
You're very well aware of as the latest street fashion online and I have introduced it a thousand times to you :D They always update their collection with the best styles and most of the products are limited only to keep it more Unique. Don't you like this Multilevels Golden Round Bracelet? There are only 2 left in stock to grab it HERE now for only $12.99! :) Romwe offers FREE Shipping Worldwide.

And I'm giving you a sexy back now! haha! Those lovely red pumps are LOVE! Do you agree with me? How do you find my outfit here? I dreamed of becoming a model way back my childhood days, do you think I have a future on it? :)

Don't forget to check out those shops I've mentioned awhile ago.Just drop your comment on the comment box below. ;) I would love to hear some feedback from you! :)

XO Jen

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