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Spice Up Your Finger Nails

I just love to share this lovely pictures. All are grabbed at weheartit.com :)

Who doesn't love nail arts? As a girl , I think painted nails are part of our fashion style. Sometimes we paint our nails in related to what we are going to wear the next day. Am I right? Haha! I know it! Because it's so so me! :)

I want that glow in the dark nail polish! Super Like! And the glittery black is simply elegant looking. <3

How do you find those nail designs? Which one do you like? Just leave a comment below! :)

XO Jen


  1. Lovely nail art! My sister and I just do whatever pops into our heads when it comes to nail art...or whatever we can find at the Dollar Store, lol!


  2. Wow. I thinks that's awesome! I wish I have a sister too to share those kind of stuffs. :)


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