Feel The Heat Of The Sun. Hello, Sunglasses!


The heat of the sun this summer is so extreme! Do you agree with me? 
Each one of us have different plans this summer time. Some will just stay at home to get rid of the sun's heat and avoid tanning, am I right? I'm sure there are those kind of people because sometimes I'm like that *laughs*. But most of us would love to go somewhere, and that somewhere is what we called "BEACH" or to some resorts nearby our places, right? Yay! may barkada don't have plans yet this summer 2012 *sigh*, but I'm looking forward on our get together, there will be one for sure. 

And you know what I'm excited for? Having a perfect outfit for the summer getaway! And what I'm obsessing right now is having different style of sunglasses! And I wanted to share how lucky I am to found out about GIANTVINTAGE.COM, they offer a variety of unique vintage style of sunglasses!

I find it really hard to choose sunglasses there because they really have a lot of fabulous vintage sunglasses! Their shop is a must check one! And I want to share my top 3 pick to you guys, here they are:
I'm in love with those three sunglasses! What do you think of it? Hmm. Comments are highly appreciated! :) It's all perfect for summer! It's highly fashionable and unique. Therefore, I suggest that you guys visit GIANTVINTAGE.COM now!  :)

By the way  GIANTVINTAGE.COM have been featured into a lot of magazines like VOGUE U.K  DECEMBER 2011, INSTYLE FEBRUARY 2012, LUCKY APRIL 2012, SEVENTEEN APRIL 2012 AND ON LUCKY MAY 2012 ISSUE. Check  THIS OUT to view the full article about it. :)

And before I end this post, I want to let you all know that FASHION--GALLERY.COM collaborated with GIANTVINTAGE.COM! They are giving away 2 vintage sunglasses to one of my lucky follower! And you the winner can pick any vintage sunglasses worth $24 or less. That sounds amazing, isn't it? I'll be making the giveaway post right after this, you better watch out for it! :)

Feel free to leave a comment below. Do you find my top 3 picks fabulous? :)

XO Jen

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