Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask


Hello, lovelies! Are you stressed out lately and you just want to stole a short time for relaxing? Well, that can be done! Simply avail of this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - No Fragrance at ARTIESTYLE


Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask is a self heat steam eye mask which relieves tired eyes for use before sleep or in relaxation. It heats up to about 104F (40℃) instantly to relax your eye zone and lasts for 5 - 10 minutes. This Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask is convenient to use and fragrance free.

How To Use:

1.Cleanse your face and apply toner
2.Take the eye mask from the pouch and unfold(Use it immediately after you open the pouch)
3.Tear it from the center gently and hand them on ears
4.Leave the mask on for 5 - 10 minutes. Discard mask.

I usually use this a bed time after a very tiring day in front of the computer. It really helped me relax a bit. The first time I used this, I was like Wow! Instant warm compress. Haha. So relaxing. You should try this. This will normally cost you $11.99 per pack. Pamper yourself with this even though you have a busy schedule the whole day. :) 

Check this product HERE.

Don't forget to visit www.artiestyle.net for more Beauty Cosmetics Products! :)

That's all for now, lovelies. I really hope you liked it. :)

XO, JEN! <3

Nina Fantasy - Nina Ricci For Women

Hello, lovelies! I wanted to share with you about Nina Fantasy - Nina Ricci for Women. This new line of Nina Ricci is a limited edition so better give this post attention to expand your awareness about this lovely Nina Fantasy. Are you excited as I am? I bet you really are! :)


There, it’s me. I’m in this forest, which is like a cartoon set. It’s here and now, yet the light is so transparent and the atmosphere so airy that it could be a dream. So how to sing about it? A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream. There, I’m in a story, dressed kawaii style, with a mini-dress and pink stilettos, a diaphanous complexion and a baby-doll’s eyes. I’m in a screenshot, a fairy-tale landscape where time has been suspended. A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream. There, I’m in this song, a chorus on everyone’s lips both on stage and backstage, a guitar riff and rock poetry, vocal swirls and vintage synthesizers. I’m the fairy-tale of an unending concert, a fantasy erupting from reveries, a melody of a fragrance.

I’m Nina Fantasy.

Nina Ricci is a really well-known brand and as she brings this enchanting scent to us, I'm pretty sure we can't resist not having this NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION.

This is really inspiring! Most of us dreamt of becoming a princess just like Cinderella or Snow White, right? As it says, this NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION is a of combination of Kawaii from Japan plus the sophisticated universe of Nina Ricci and the FAIRYTALE World of Nina. It is simply the place we want to be in.

And the best part goes here, the bottle and packaging! I do collect lovely bottle of perfumes and i want this one in! :) So cute!

Apple-bottle lacquered white / Curved porcelain dotted with cartoon gifs 
Golden lines and rosy sprays / An express symbol to flash-code dreams

Here's a FRAGRANCE SONG to sum it all up:

In the shade of the bergamot, mandarin and pear trees,
Alluring, discreet and spontaneous cherry blossom.
Solar uplift with cream of roses and heliotropes
Hint of brown sugar and of Mate.

Are you craving to have this one now? You really want to have this? Well, I can show you how to get one. All the details are given below, so if I were you, don't let this chance passed you by. :) 


And why don't you watch NINA FANTASY - THE MOVIE? This is really cute! Have fun watching! :)

That's all for NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION <3 I hope you find this post helpful. :)

XO, Jen! <3

Lacey Blue Sunday


Hello, lovelies! Here's another outfit post. :) Do you like the dress I'm wearing here? I'll give you more details about it.

I personally love this Teal Dress With Black Lace from Ancristobal's Online Shop. This dress is easily to match with wedges, heels or even flats. You know what I love more about this dress? It's the fact that Ms. Anabel Cristobal, the owner of the shop, personally designed this dress. See how creative and fashionable she is. And see how the back of this dress looks.

One more closer look here:

Haha! This! Perfectly designed. I'm so happy that this dress fits me. I don't know why I'm so into lace lately but this Lacey dress made me crave for more lace dresses or tops. :) 
Do you want more of Ms. Cristobal's Collection? Check out her ANN'S COLLECTION I and ANN'S COLLECTION I for more! And her shop also have Pre-order US Dresses and On hand US Shoes. You wouldn't want to missed this shop, right?

Just wanna show you my bag and my KYRA Bracelet from LAME SHOP.

That's all for now, lovelies! Hope you all liked it and wait for my next outfit post. :)

Don't forget to Like Ancristobal's Facebook Fan Page HERE and Visit her shop at Multiply HERE.

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Are you the type of person who loves accessories forever? Well, you might want to join this lovely giveaway sponsored by www.eazyfashion.comThey are giving away a bunch of prices for ONE LUCKY WINNER! Did you just saw the photo above? Yes! That's all the prices! For a better view check the link below.
  1. Pink Butterfly Stones Bracelet
  2. Pearly Heart Earrings
  3. Fluttering Butterflies Dangle Earrings
  4. Braided Preppy Wrist Watch
  5. Brushes Set With Leather Pouch
And the mechanics are so EAZY! Follow all the steps below:
**Remember my TUTORIAL on how to get FB LINK? review it HERE.

Lastly, Fill-out the form below

END DATE: JUNE 12, 2012 :)


XO, Jen! <3 

Just a happy kid'

It's been a long and tiring day yesterday. Me and nanay went to SM North Edsa/North Annex to buy a laptop and a digital camera for me. Too bad I'm so mabagal as always so it took ages before we had able to leave the house. I'm not the only one who's mabagal in this trip, also the bus driver! gah! He almost drive like a turtle and even let the tricycles and jeepneys passed us by first. >.< The road is free from traffic yet he drives deadly slow! Who wouldn't be annoyed by that? Ugggh! I hate that trip. *sigh* Anyway, at least we arrived at the mall safely and that's a good thing after all. :) We first eat at KFC then finally check out all the brands of lappy out there. I'm not as sure as 100% of what do I really want to buy and after a couple of walking in-walking out of each boutiques, I ended buying at LENOVO. Woah! Yes! Lenovo G470! :D The staff there are also nice and they really present their product well so they actually convince me. :) And it will take 1 hour to finish all the installations needed for the laptop so we are advice to keep strolling around first. And I used that time to look for a perfect digital camera that suits my desires and budget of course! lol! And i end up with OLYMPUS VH-210! you know what really convince me to buy that one? THE COLOR! haha! You are not that aware that I'm a Green-minded, uh-oh I mean a green lover! In short GREEN is my fave color. That's it! :) Plus it's MAGIC EFFECTS that attracts me! I'll show you a sample picture with the effects that I took awhile ago. :) 
Did you just saw the magic effect? Do you find it cute? Well, I do! :) And I just wanna eat all those brownies! LOL! Anyway, after I bought the camera we want back to lenovo to get the laptop then to CDR KING to buy some stuffs for the laptop then finally went back to SM North Main to buy some clothes for my brother but I end up buying some for mine as well. haha! gastos much lang! And you know what I found? The PINK SODA brand is on a super duper sale! Buy one GET 3! Can you imagine that? I just pay the highest price one they get the other 3 for FREE! Absolutely Free! :D The total price of those 4 items I bought are 3,399php but I only pay 1000php! haha! HAPPINESS! :D I just wanna share it. :D And after that some stuffs for my bro again then we bought a snacks and finally went home because i'm excited to use my new laptop then! :D And this post I'm making now is the FIRST post I made from this laptop. :) can you feel my happiness from yesterday? It's yesterday already coz' it's currently 2:49AM here now' :D

I guess that's all for now and too bad I failed to capture my OOTD. -.- 
Anything you want to share, leave it on the comment box below. :)


XO, Jen! <3

My Vintage-y Sunglasses from GIANTVINTAGE'


I have introduced www.giantvintage.com with you before and even held a giveaway sponsored by them. I just wanna share how lovely their products are. I'll show you what I got from their shop.


This is my favorite one! I feel so gorgeous while wearing this. lol. Look at me wearing it  HERE. They are really adorable and it will only cost you $32. Grab this sunglasses HERE.


This one is also a great sunglasses because it just fits me. I'm loving the color of this sunglasses. ;) Get this HERE for only $32. 

This sunglasses is only $24 and you can get this one HERE. This one is a good protection from the sun in a fashionable way. :D I'm loving the frames actually. :)

For me, those sunglasses are really cute. And you know what is one of the best and sweet thing in purchasing at www.giantvintage.com? The packaging and the tootsie roll inside the box! haha! They're  so sweet! :) And the sunglasses are delivered to me without any defect, that's  so great. :)

Don't forget to visit www.giantvintage.com :)

That's all for now. Hope you guys liked it. :D

XO, Jen! <3

Snow White From CoverBee'

I invaded the world of COVERBEE and I will share with you my experienced there. :D
  • CoverBee designs & manufactures a stylish and funky laptop sleeve for women and men that is both functional and fashion led. 
  • CoverBee was founded because we believed that we were not the only ones looking to express our style with our laptop accessories.
  • The range now includes all kinds of great laptop sleeve, macbook sleeve, netbook sleeve, iPhone sleeve and iPad sleeve designs.
  • CoverBee laptop sleeve is original designs and is handcrafted in Holland
And now that I have introduced coverbee to everyone, I want to share now that I'm so lucky to received one laptop sleeve of my choice from them. And my chosen item is from their latest Spring Collection! Worth the wait! :) And it's the White Laptop Sleeve - Snow White! And as they quoted "Mirror, mirror on the wall, this is the nicest sleeve of all... Snow white and golden inner lining... This white laptop sleeve is for real princesses!" Wow! I feel like I'm really a Princess now! Lol. 
I'll show you some photos of my precious laptop sleeve.

Oh see! They are so lovely! Though it's not water resistant because of the material used, I'll just double my care in using this sleeve. 
Me with my precious laptop sleeve! 
And my black dress from Glam Fashion ClothingRemember my post about this dress HERE?

And I have a GOOD News for you! You don't have to worry about the shipping fee! because they offer a guarantee FREE SHIPPING in whatever you order! Do they ship INTERNATIONALLY? Yes they do! You can order from anywhere in the world. They have posted sleeves to all continents (except Antarctica). Also for international orders, the shipping costs are covered by them! Order their products now with free worldwide shipping. As of the moment I'm really happy having this laptop sleeve from  COVERBEE.

So what are you waiting for now? BEE LIKE NO OTHER with COVERBEE!
  • Like them on Facebook HERE.
  • Follow them on Twitter HERE.
  • Visit their main shop HERE.
Hope you liked this post. :)

Xo, Jen!

OverLabeled 'Designer Inspired Women's Shoes From $25

Do you love to own a designer shoes but can't just afford to buy one? Well, I have found a shop that you will actually love! Personally, I just fell in love with this shop. :)
It's www.overlabeled.com, they just love to provide us ladies a huge selection of quality, attractive shoes, all without the brand name price premium. Now you can stock your shoe closet with all kinds of classy, fun and sexy sandals, slippersheelsflatswedges and boots, all while maintaining a guilt-free conscience. With their great prices, it's easy to fill your shoe closet with everything you need for the coming season or simply find something unique for a special occasion.

They do have a lot of shoes that is worth buying for. Are you ready to visit this shoe shop?

Do you crave for more now? Those shoes/sandals on the photo above are just an appetizer! I suggest that you visit OverLabeled now and LIKE their Fb Page HERE to have a 10% off! That's more cheap now with the 10% Off opportunity, right? Don't miss this chance. 

And you know guys, I'm so lucky to get the chance to review a product from OverLabeled and I'm more excited to share my experience of personally owning a shoes from OverLabeled! Just look at my top picks below.

It doesn't matter if it's a stilettos, wedges, pumps, flats, loafers, sandals or whatsoever or even a signature over price one or a low price one but I'm more concern with its unique details and how comfortable I am while wearing them. :)

I guess, that's all for now. Just don't forget to visit www.overlabeled.com!

XO, Jen! <3

Clozette.co "Your Fashion Social Network"

CLOZETTE.CO is a social networking & e-commerce portal that serves a universe of fashion conscious ladies who love all things beautiful & unique.
Your Fashion Destination & Inspiration
CLOZETTE.CO allows you to:
  • Create and Organize your personal online closet.
  • Share and Socialize your closet beauties and styling ideas with fellow members.
  • Shop for beautiful and eclectic fashion finds from around the globe.
Can you imagine how great CLOZETTE.CO is? For me, this site is very useful because I'm actually a fashion junkie. I'm so into shopping online nowadays. You should take a look at CLOZETTE-BAZAAR. I'm now a member of CLOZETTE.CO and you can be a member also, just sign up and enjoy creating and organizing your personal closet, share and socialize your closet beauties to fellow member and shop till your drop for fabulous items. 
To spice you up more, I'll show you my top picks on CLOZETTE-BAZAAR.

I'm loving floral pumps lately. I want to own one.

That are just some of my picks but there's a bunch of fabulous items at CLOZETTE-BAZAAR that you can choose from. :)

And if you do wish to own a fashion store online, you're just on the right place! This is the best way to create a shop. Just go HERE and create your OWN store for FREE. Members can sell, buy or even swap items that they actually love! I might try selling some of my pre-loved items, do you think someone will actually purchase it? Well, the only way to know is to actually TRY it! C'mon let's make our OWN Online Store HERE. :)

I highly suggest that you visit CLOZETTE.CO now and have time browsing or even buy some of the items there. Happy viewing and shopping at CLOZETTE.CO! Hooray! :)

XO, Jen!

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