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Been a busy girl the past few weeks and I really have a quite few back log outfit post to share. A lot of pending reviews as well. Too bad my laptop also messed up and that's one of the reason too why I can't blog that much, thanks to my QUEUE post for working for me though sometimes it's also not working. 
I really miss you guys! I've been  active again last night and hopefully things will get better now. I'm entertaining good vibes from this time on! :)

Preppy Look Sleeveless Slim White Dress from ROMWE which I used as my top because it's too short when I use it as a dress *height attack* lol
But this dress is so comfy to wear and I'm loving the big black  collar! Simple yet elegant dress. No need for a necklace and just a single bangle is enough for me. 
My New Chic Mirrored Cropped Leggings from OASAP. I really love this leggings and I'm a 101% leggings lover! Actually I'm excited to receive my Distinctive Asymmetric Splicing Skinny Leggings from OASAP, again.

That's all for now and I hope you like this outfit post. Feel free to leave a comment/s. 

XO, Jen!


  1. I love reading your blog. Hehehe. :)

  2. Thank you VJ Castillo  :)


Any thoughts about my post? :)

Lots of Love, Jen !

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