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What am I staring at??? LOL. White tube top from the US.
Open toe wedges from Mario D’Boro.

Orange lover at this very moment. :)

Holler at me! Not too late for the summer. :) 

I didn’t put too much accessories in this outfit coz’ i think it will just exaggerate everything. My robe is an enough accessories, I guess. :D

And oh gah I’m loving my NATALIE ROBE from CLOTHES OFF! I think it just suits my attire. I just love how it actually fits my body. It’s so comfortable to wear though you see it’s a long sleeves but it’s definitely so comfy to wear. I also used it as cover up during my Barkada get together swimming. :) 

The detail of this robe is so fashionable. It’s a free size and it’s length is just enough on me. The fab floral printed color is so awesome and girly one. <3 Do you agree with me? So kikay. ^_^

That’s it! I hope I inspired you today! :) Do you like it? Any feedback will be appreciated. And don’t forget to visit CLOTHES OFF to see a lot of fabulous clothes. I swear, you won’t regret visiting the shop. :)

Any comments just leave it on the box below. :) Happy Monday, everyone! :)

XO, Jen

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