Introducing "Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls"


Have you ever wished for something? Have you ever needed some extra luck? 
The Thai Lucky Voodoo Dolls are here to inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams. Hang them from your cellphone or bag, in your car or around the house. They are so cute and adorable... Whenever you look at your personal Voodoo doll you will be reminded of your dreams and aspirations. Now is the time to get wealthy, lucky in love and achieve your dreams. Select the Voodoo Doll with the right powers for you.
And YES! I was so lucky to received these items from A & Z Magic Gifts And Novelties, Inc. 
Things about these lovely Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls :
  • They are HANDMADE using one continuous piece of string. And that what makes it so UNIQUE.
  • These Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls are toys and do not in any way have any real magical powers. They are made to inspired people who have these to actually achieved their dreams.
  • A great git idea for family and friends. Share all the good wishes and hopes and dreams that go with the dolls.
  • Can be uses as a key ring, hanging in the rearview mirror of your car, attached to your bag or mobile phone or in anywhere you want to place it.
You can visit their website for you to see all the new dolls release. So far, they have already reached 50 designs! You already have a lot of choices or you can simply collect them all as well.
I'll show you a closer photo of each of my Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls.
Let's start with the LOVE STARTER >> It helps the person you love, feel the same about you.
The PUNK >> Will keep your heart full of fun and joy.
LUCKY >> Helps bringing you wealth and good fortune.
NINJA DAVE >> Cuts off evil and protects you all the time.
The LITTLE DEVIL >> Dangers are all around but he will protect you always.
GYPSY >> She can look into the future and see all the bright things.
MP3 Boy >> Understands you and the music you love.

WOW! Don't you find them really inspiring? Well, for me they really are. It's a mind over matter thingy, I believe that this lucky thai voodoo dolls actually brings good luck to me. No doubt. And my top 3 picks above these 7 I have are the Love Starter, Lucky and Ninja Dave. I will share the others to my brother and my cousins as well. I'm pretty sure they will love it. A cute, unique and inspiring Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls.  

Don't forget to drop by their shop at :) And you know how much this cost? Only 99.75php or $2.3. Affordable lucky charms for each one of us. 

Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls are available at these shops:
  • Clipper Giftshops
  • Mental Clothing
  • Puregold
Don't miss visiting and be lucky! :)

That's all for now.

XO, Jen~

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