Lacey Blue Sunday


Hello, lovelies! Here's another outfit post. :) Do you like the dress I'm wearing here? I'll give you more details about it.

I personally love this Teal Dress With Black Lace from Ancristobal's Online Shop. This dress is easily to match with wedges, heels or even flats. You know what I love more about this dress? It's the fact that Ms. Anabel Cristobal, the owner of the shop, personally designed this dress. See how creative and fashionable she is. And see how the back of this dress looks.

One more closer look here:

Haha! This! Perfectly designed. I'm so happy that this dress fits me. I don't know why I'm so into lace lately but this Lacey dress made me crave for more lace dresses or tops. :) 
Do you want more of Ms. Cristobal's Collection? Check out her ANN'S COLLECTION I and ANN'S COLLECTION I for more! And her shop also have Pre-order US Dresses and On hand US Shoes. You wouldn't want to missed this shop, right?

Just wanna show you my bag and my KYRA Bracelet from LAME SHOP.

That's all for now, lovelies! Hope you all liked it and wait for my next outfit post. :)

Don't forget to Like Ancristobal's Facebook Fan Page HERE and Visit her shop at Multiply HERE.

XO, Jen! <3

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