Love from Quidnunc


I just wanna share with you this lovely online shop, the SHOPQUIDNUNC.

Are you the type of girl who loves bangles/bracelets? Well, you should check out their Wrist Candies Collections HERE

Sis Chel is humble enough to send me one and I'll definitely show this to all of you. Too bad that my first choice is already sold out but that only means that their products are really fabulous to be sold out that fast. :) 

So here's my love from quidnunc photo diary...
Feel the love from my bangles! Vintagely fabulous, right? :) I would love to wear these on one of my outfit. Watch out for it, lovelies. ;)
And this is the best part, sending the item with a lovely message. I do love it! :) And thanks to Quidnunc for the opportunity as well. I can also fell the love in this letter and the paper. Hehe! I love love love QUIDNUNC! <3

So if I were you, visit their shop now! Just go to SHOPQUIDNUNC now.

Try viewing their 2ND Collections HERE.  It consists of lovely dresses and tops in floral, plain prints and some with lovely collar. Check it out now! :)


XO, Jen!

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