My Vintage-y Sunglasses from GIANTVINTAGE'


I have introduced with you before and even held a giveaway sponsored by them. I just wanna share how lovely their products are. I'll show you what I got from their shop.


This is my favorite one! I feel so gorgeous while wearing this. lol. Look at me wearing it  HERE. They are really adorable and it will only cost you $32. Grab this sunglasses HERE.


This one is also a great sunglasses because it just fits me. I'm loving the color of this sunglasses. ;) Get this HERE for only $32. 

This sunglasses is only $24 and you can get this one HERE. This one is a good protection from the sun in a fashionable way. :D I'm loving the frames actually. :)

For me, those sunglasses are really cute. And you know what is one of the best and sweet thing in purchasing at The packaging and the tootsie roll inside the box! haha! They're  so sweet! :) And the sunglasses are delivered to me without any defect, that's  so great. :)

Don't forget to visit :)

That's all for now. Hope you guys liked it. :D

XO, Jen! <3

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