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Hello, lovelies! I wanted to share with you about Nina Fantasy - Nina Ricci for Women. This new line of Nina Ricci is a limited edition so better give this post attention to expand your awareness about this lovely Nina Fantasy. Are you excited as I am? I bet you really are! :)


There, it’s me. I’m in this forest, which is like a cartoon set. It’s here and now, yet the light is so transparent and the atmosphere so airy that it could be a dream. So how to sing about it? A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream. There, I’m in a story, dressed kawaii style, with a mini-dress and pink stilettos, a diaphanous complexion and a baby-doll’s eyes. I’m in a screenshot, a fairy-tale landscape where time has been suspended. A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream. There, I’m in this song, a chorus on everyone’s lips both on stage and backstage, a guitar riff and rock poetry, vocal swirls and vintage synthesizers. I’m the fairy-tale of an unending concert, a fantasy erupting from reveries, a melody of a fragrance.

I’m Nina Fantasy.

Nina Ricci is a really well-known brand and as she brings this enchanting scent to us, I'm pretty sure we can't resist not having this NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION.

This is really inspiring! Most of us dreamt of becoming a princess just like Cinderella or Snow White, right? As it says, this NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION is a of combination of Kawaii from Japan plus the sophisticated universe of Nina Ricci and the FAIRYTALE World of Nina. It is simply the place we want to be in.

And the best part goes here, the bottle and packaging! I do collect lovely bottle of perfumes and i want this one in! :) So cute!

Apple-bottle lacquered white / Curved porcelain dotted with cartoon gifs 
Golden lines and rosy sprays / An express symbol to flash-code dreams

Here's a FRAGRANCE SONG to sum it all up:

In the shade of the bergamot, mandarin and pear trees,
Alluring, discreet and spontaneous cherry blossom.
Solar uplift with cream of roses and heliotropes
Hint of brown sugar and of Mate.

Are you craving to have this one now? You really want to have this? Well, I can show you how to get one. All the details are given below, so if I were you, don't let this chance passed you by. :) 


And why don't you watch NINA FANTASY - THE MOVIE? This is really cute! Have fun watching! :)

That's all for NINA RICCI LIMITED EDITION <3 I hope you find this post helpful. :)

XO, Jen! <3

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  1. レイバンのことを聞いて、ひとつのバンド-X-Japanのことを思い出しました。そ言えば、佳樹さんもレイバン モデルを愛用するそうです。X-Japanの歌「TEARS」がとても好きです。その歌詞はよく書いたと思います。


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