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I invaded the world of COVERBEE and I will share with you my experienced there. :D
  • CoverBee designs & manufactures a stylish and funky laptop sleeve for women and men that is both functional and fashion led. 
  • CoverBee was founded because we believed that we were not the only ones looking to express our style with our laptop accessories.
  • The range now includes all kinds of great laptop sleeve, macbook sleeve, netbook sleeve, iPhone sleeve and iPad sleeve designs.
  • CoverBee laptop sleeve is original designs and is handcrafted in Holland
And now that I have introduced coverbee to everyone, I want to share now that I'm so lucky to received one laptop sleeve of my choice from them. And my chosen item is from their latest Spring Collection! Worth the wait! :) And it's the White Laptop Sleeve - Snow White! And as they quoted "Mirror, mirror on the wall, this is the nicest sleeve of all... Snow white and golden inner lining... This white laptop sleeve is for real princesses!" Wow! I feel like I'm really a Princess now! Lol. 
I'll show you some photos of my precious laptop sleeve.

Oh see! They are so lovely! Though it's not water resistant because of the material used, I'll just double my care in using this sleeve. 
Me with my precious laptop sleeve! 
And my black dress from Glam Fashion ClothingRemember my post about this dress HERE?

And I have a GOOD News for you! You don't have to worry about the shipping fee! because they offer a guarantee FREE SHIPPING in whatever you order! Do they ship INTERNATIONALLY? Yes they do! You can order from anywhere in the world. They have posted sleeves to all continents (except Antarctica). Also for international orders, the shipping costs are covered by them! Order their products now with free worldwide shipping. As of the moment I'm really happy having this laptop sleeve from  COVERBEE.

So what are you waiting for now? BEE LIKE NO OTHER with COVERBEE!
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  • Visit their main shop HERE.
Hope you liked this post. :)

Xo, Jen!

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