Woah! I'm excited! How about you? :D

SHOP at Tribute Shoes


TRIBUTE SHOES ARE 100% PINOY MADE.  They offer comfortable, classic, well-made shoes, carefully, lovingly and (very) proudly crafted in the Philippines.
Here's their latest collection'

Let your outfit exude SWAG and CHIC and maybe even French-inspired CARELESSNESS with these babies. Gorgeous Cannes sandals feature easy-to-wear garterized straps, beautiful snakeskin (or glittery) zip-up backs, and genuine leather insoles for that ultimate luxe feel. Cannes is perfect for just about everything, from leather jackets and short shorts to dainty white lace dresses.  
Price: 1525 Php (Approx $36)
Colors: Nude + Gold Glitter, Tan + Old Rose Snakeskin, Neon + Black & White Snakeskin Black + Midnight Snakeskin
Features: Comfortable and convenient garter straps Genuine leather lining Easy-to-wear zip-up backs  
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Grown-up (but still super-pretty) take on much-loved Charlie flats. They carefully picked out four irresistible color combinations in the most interesting textures for flats that are as charming as they are comfortable. They'll add sunshine to your rainy days and a spring to your step! 
Price: 1565 Php  (Approx $37)
Colors: Blue Lizard + Silver + Chocolate Tan + Raspberry + Cream Gunmetal + Teal + Yellow Snake Grey Lizard + Taupe Lizard + Vintage Blue  
Features: Cushioned arch support Genuine leather lining Non-slip, non-skid gum soles  
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Price: Php 1575 (Approx $37)
Color: Gold (Black "Lizardskin" + Gold Captoe + Gold Accents) Silver (Black "Lambskin"+ Mercury Captoe + Silver Accents) Pink (Pink "Lizardskin" + Silver Captoe + Silver Accents) Blue (Navy "Lizardskin" + Silver Captoe + Plum Suede Accents) 
Features: Non-slip, non-skid, bouncy and imported gum soles. They won't wear thin, no matter how many miles you walk. Real leather lining for an extra-luxe feel and longer-lasting shoes. Your shoes won't smell! Arch support for added comfort.
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Price: Php 1545 (Approx $36)
Color: Violet Suede, Black Suede, and Blue Suede
Features: Non-slip, non-skid, bouncy and imported gum soles. They won't wear thin, no matter how many miles you walk. Real leather lining for an extra-luxe feel and longer-lasting shoes. Your shoes won't smell! Arch support for added comfort. 
Size: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

For the size chart, check THIS.

Woah! Such an awesome collection, right? What's your top pick? Mine it's the CANNES in Neon Green! I really want them! Tell me which attract your attention most?

If you want to purchase shoes from them just go to and please don't forget to like them on facebook HERE. 
I'm sure you'll also love their other collections. 

Loving Polka DOTS'


Hola! I missed you guys! Been idle for the past  three days because I accompany my aunt at the hospital but thanks queue posts for doing the reblogging posts for me. :) Anyway, it’s midweek already how’s your week going so far? I hope everything is well. 
By the way my apology for the delay on announcing my Flawless Beauty Online Giveaway winner >.< I already have a winner and it’s announced HERECongratulations to the winner! Don’t forget to join my TRIPLE BLOG GIVEAWAY over HERE.
Okay, for my outfit post here comes my Polka Dot Printed Round Neck Sleeveless Dress from  I really do admire the polka prints on this dress. The touch of dark blue plus violet made this dress appear more fabulous and lucky me coz’ it’s perfectly fitted on my body. :) Get this Polka Dot Printed Dress for only $45 at SHEINSIDE.

Lovely skull earrings I got as a gift from MYSOCIALOUTLET. Watch out for the opening of this online store. :)

My lovely inspired YSL ring and White Bracelet from HOUSE OF LUXEThese accessories are simply beautiful and I just can’t resist wearing them together with this dress. :) All things circle though the ring is oval still a family of circle? haha :D You should visit HOUSE OF LUXE for more accessories that are so fashionable. :)

I really love the ring! Thanks Ms. Geraldine Dela Torre for sending me this lovely ring. :) And may nail polish with a matte finish I just love them. :)

Wedges from CHELSEA. These wedges are very simple but the details at the back are simply extra-ordinary for me, it catches my attention and I just can’t resist but buy those wedges. :)

I used REVLON products for my make-up. I’m addicted with the Revlon Lipstick in BLUSH. <3 Read my Revlon products reviews HERE.
So how does my outfit looks? Yay. I hope you liked it! :) By the way, let me just say thank you to you my lovely readers/viewers for always supporting my blog. Sending you my love! <333 
Don’t forget to visit the shop I just mentioned awhile ago! SHEINSIDE and  HOUSE OF LUXE. :)


XX, Jen!♥



Hello, Saturday! Well, It's June 23 already and all the pinoys out there are surely excited about the premiere of X-FACTOR PHILIPPINES, right? Let me just share something about it to you my lovely readers! :)

The X-Factor is the biggest reality singing competition in the world.  It started successfully in the UK and recently in the US.  The show produced one of this generation’s singing superstars, Leona Lewis, who popularized the hit single, “Bleeding Love”.

Now, it is already here in the Philippines.  Without a doubt, it will be the biggest singing competition in the country especially that the largest TV network in the country will be carrying it- the same team that brought us the very successful "Pilipinas Got Talent" (3 seasons have been produced so far). It will be hosted by KC Concepcion. The mentor judges are Martin Nievera, Pilita Corales, Gary V., and international singing sensation Charice.

Like the international versions especially in the US, every aspect of the show is well thought out giving the audience the best they would ever see on a singing competition- from the judges to the stage design, from the participants themselves to their wardrobe, hair, and of course, make-up.

If we talk about superstar looks, particularly the make-up, there’s only a few that could make it happen.  And in the Philippines, no other names could absolutely do it than the industry’s #1- REVLON. This will definitely showcase what the brand can give not only to the adult market but also to the young ones.

REVLON is providing the X-Factor Philippines a high quality make-up service executed by a 12-man beauty team headed by celebrity make-up artist, Eman De Leon.

I have blogged some reviews about REVLON PRODUCTS before and if you want to read them just go over HERE.

Just look over the backstage photos of the reality singing show.
In this photo they use the Revlon Superlustrous Lip Gloss in Shine City.
The head of the makeup team (Eman De Leon) using the Revlon Photoready Concealer.
They are using the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Blush here. Ow! I have this lippie and it's really a must have! I'll post a review about it SOON.
The Head Of the Make Up Team. Mr. Eman De Leon.
We just saw how dedicated the Revlon Team to make people of X-FACTOR PHILIPPINES really looks fabulous through the use of REVLON PRODUCTS. And with that smile on their faces I can see that they really enjoy what they are doing! Two thumbs up REVLON TEAM! *Applause*
The reality show will be shown every Sat. & Sun. starting June 23, 2012.

Keep updated through Mr. Eman De Leon (Head of the Makeup Team) Find him via facebook HERE, visit his multiply site and follow him on twitter @DramaOverload.

Are you excited of the premiere now? I'm sure you are! :) Don't forget to watch X-FACTOR PHILIPPINES later after MMK! :)


XX, Jen!♥

GOLD LIGHT of Terra & Agua'

Hi, lovelies! Hope everyone will have a great weekend. Well, I won't be posting that much the following days let queue do the work form me. :D I just hope queue posts will actually work properly and won't mess up. :D

Anyway, before being inactive for a couple of days let me just share my thoughts about my Flat Shoes from OFFICINE, it's the GOLD LIGHT of Terra & Agua. Actually I have used this shoes on one of my outfit post before and you find it over HERE.

 Brazilian brand Terra & Agua launched their line plastic shoes on 2001, it was set to enhance the charm and beauty of Brazilian women. This brand certainly get the attention of women's love for shoes plus the comfort it can gives. Terra & Agua’s shoes collections provide you with the maximum comfort. It's created with PVC plastic as its base, this just assure you that you can walk in the whole day without worrying that your feet will hurt at the end of the day. 

This is the shoes I got from Terra & Agua through the OFFICINE store. I personally love the simplicity of this shoes plus the elegance which the glitter gives. This pair of shoes can easily be pair up with any casual attire or even dresses. Even though it's made of plastic I can outshine those other shoes. And the plus factor of these shoes is that I can wear this during rainy days without any hesitation because I know it's made up of plastic. And I love to wear these shoes when my nail polish are in bright colors so it can actually be seen on the shoes. Gahh! It's really cute! :) Just look at me wearing it with my Pink Nails. <333 So Loooooveee!
And let me show you some photos I took from OFFICINE STORE AT MARQUEE MALL PAMPANGA.
That's my shoes' And yes it's also available in RED. :)
Those slippers are indeed cute!
And a blurry picture of me with the staff there. They are very kind and accommodating. You'll surely enjoy shopping at OFFICINE. :)
Here's the collection to choose from with their price range:
Terra & Agua’s Fashionable line has style and class written all over it. A strappy stiletto minus the back-breaking pain of walking in them, this shoe is perfect for any after-work affair.
Price: P 2,700
The Greek Collection brings together the strength and beauty of the goddesses of Olympus to your feet with its simple yet stunning design.
Price: P 1,950
Just as its name suggests, the Comfort Collection puts comfort as its first priority. But that doesn’t mean that its design takes a back seat.
Price: P 1,700 – P 1,800
The Hally Collection is the brand’s quirky line of footwear that is fun, colorful, and comfortable. Definitely for the more adventurous fashion maven.
Price: P 1,800
Taking its inspiration from the Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of war, art, and wisdom, this collection best complements the modern woman: Strong but with all the right touches of femininity, without giving up comfort.
Price: P 1,400 – P 1,750
Inspired by the Italian island of Capri, a magical place said to have inspired a number of writer and artists, the Capri collection holds a certain charm and romance with its quirky embellishments and jewel-toned color.
Price: P 1,600 – P 1,650
Montreal is said to have been named after Mont-Royal, a triple-peaked hill located at the heart of the city. Taking its cue from the city’s namesake, the Montreal collection features a pointed-toe pump with cut outs, giving your feet added comfort and some breathing room.
Price: P 1,400
Parisians have always had an affinity for all things glamorous and an innate sense of style, which is why it comes as no surprise that the Nice Collection is the perfect mix of classic style and elegance. This goes perfectly from the office to your after work escape.
Price: P 2,700
True to its Brazilian roots, the Garopaba collection, named after the municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil, is your perfect accessory the next time you head to the sunny beaches of Southern Brazil, or any beach for that matter.
Price: P 2,200

Do you want to avail now?

Just visit their shop at or drop by their shops at the following places:
  • Shangri-La Mall
  • Rockwell Power Plant 
  • Robinson's Metro East 
  • Festival Mall 
  • Abreeza Davao 
  • Ayala Center Cebu 
  • Marquee Pampanga 
And please don't forget to LIKE their Facebook Page over HERE for you to keep updated. 

That's all for now, lovelies! How do you find Terra & Agua Shoes? Feel free to share your thoughts about it :) Just leave your comment. ;)



XX, Jen!♥



Hi, lovelies! The week is about to end so here goes my review of my Firmoo Sunglasses. Remember my introduction about this Online Eyeglasses Store over HERE and even host a giveaway sponsored by them of course! Congrats again to all the lucky winners.
FIRMOO is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store.  Years of expertise in optical industry enable FIRMOO.COM to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. 
FIRMOO feels each satisfied customer is the priceless wealth who helps spread the word. Only our valued and satisfied customers can further solidify our position as the leading online optical store in the world.
Well, I am one of those customers nowadays and I can say that I'm 100% satisfied with their product plus their shipping process is guaranteed FAST. Let me show you what I got from this store. It's a stylish prescription sunglasses! 
It's the Women’s Full Frame Wrap Around Plastic Sunglasses In Tortoise. These large wrap around sexy sunglasses are beautifully crafted for the purpose of extreme charm and glamour. 
What I love in these sunglasses is that it just not provide me with a clearer vision but more importantly it put me in a position of fashion and vogue. Two birds in one stone, isn't it? So if you would love to have prescription glasses why don't you try wearing prescription sunglasses? And FIRMOO can show you a lot of more designs. Just take a look over HERE for more. 
And what's more interesting is they included a little screw drivers and some more screws for cleaning purposes and making sure that this sunglasses will last a long time of use. In case the sunglasses loosen there's something you can use to fix it up. Awesome! :) And also they included micro-fiber lens cloth for cleaning purposes. I'm so happy the products arrived to me complete and not damaged. :)
And just look at that butterfly knot on each arm which can fully develop your femininity while using this. For me, it absolutely adds more spice to these sunglasses, do you agree with me? I'm sure you will! 
All in all I'm overall satisfied with firmoo's service and products. And do you know how much this RX Sunglasses cost? It's only $43.00, fabulously affordable! *Happy* And another fact about this store is they have eyeglasses that is only $8.00, so cheap yet you will love the products still stylish in an affordable price! Only FIRMOO can offer you that! So you better not missed this chance, Go visit now!

You can even Like them on facebook HERE and follow them on twitter HERE.

That's all for now. By the way, why don't you join my ongoing giveaways?


OASAP Super Giveaway of 152 Items'

Hello, lovelies! It's TGIF now, enjoy the rest of the day. :) Aryt, for all those who are asking for an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY here it now! OASAP is hosting a giveaway and I'm here to promote it. Awesome prizes are waiting for you!


  1. Sign in your account on No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code. 
  2. You need choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. Click on the product image to see size details.
  3. One account may have at most 3 entries; that is to say, you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
  4. We will select winner(s) at random and contact winner(s) through the email(s) that used to register account(s) on

Very simple, right? Just Log-In your account then VOTE! Voila! :) Ready to join now? 

Here's a screen shot on how to vote

Choose your size then click VOTE!
For extra entries:
  • Like Oasap on Facebook HERE.
  • Follow Oasap on Pinterest HERE.
  • Follow my blogspot HERE.
Remember that there will be 1 winner from 100 entries. One person may have at most 3 entries. More entries, more winners!  And you still have 18 days and 9 hours to join this giveaway!


Triple Blog Giveaway!


Hello, lovelies! Here's the good news! I'm holding a Triple Blog Giveaway sponsored by Mimi & Tofu Online ShopTribute Shoes and RK Manila. What do you think of this giveaway? Make sure you'll join, aryt? I am really thankful having followers just like you all. :) Don't miss this chance! Thank you for supporting my blog all the way. :)


Good luck everyone! As usual, winners will be announced via my  blog & twitter.

Good luck, everyone! Make sure to follow all the MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS so you can actually win. :) 

Valid only to PHILIPPINES.
a Rafflecopter giveaway




“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” -Calvin Klein
Yes! It also needs makeup to look natural! Do you agree with Calvin Klein? Because I do. And because of that I wanna share my review about my Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow.
Silky smooth, blendable powder shadow that won’t crease fade or smudge.Wears up to 16 hours. Color coordinated quads provide expert mix and match ability for your most gorgeous eyes ever. Available in 16 beautiful quads. Ophthalmologist tested. Non-irritating.
Available Colors:
  • Addictive, Luscious, Precocious, Adventurous, Brazen, Siren, Seductive, Goddess, Inspired, Attitude, Enchanted, Moonlit, Serene, Bombshell, Decadent and Delightful.
Such a lot of shade to choose from and those bolded one are what I have on my kikay kit. 
So let's talk about the packaging, as you can see it is securely sealed and the sticker has the name and which color it is. The compact is not too big, just right and it's slim enough which allows you to be with you all the time. Ready to go always.
All the quads are actually color coordinated and it offers great color and as it says 16 hours of wearing time plus it won't crease fade or smudge. At every back of the quads they features a diagram which suggest on how you can wear all the colors via number system. 
And let's talk about each palette I have.
This would be my usual daily palette, it consists of mostly neutral brown colors. The colors of this quad is just right to those who want to stick with neutral shades with minimal sheen.
Swatches based on quadrant location. ( LUQ - RUQ - LLQ - RLQ )
The colors swatch beautifully and they have high pigmentation and it can actually last up to 16 hours especially if you used primer first. 
This palette can be used during my night out gimiks, it consists of smooky gray and purple shade. This quad actually gives a dramatic look or can also be a quite casual look. 
Swatches based on quadrant location. ( LUQ - RUQ - LLQ - RLQ )
The colors swatch beautifully. I love the light violet color.
This palette can be used during day time, it consists of bronze colors and yellow shade. This quad actually gives a dramatic look or can also be a quite casual look. The brown shade gives a golden sheen which makes me love this palette.
Swatches based on quadrant location. ( LUQ - RUQ - LLQ - RLQ )
The colors swatch beautifully. This palette is a good choice too for a daily makeup routine. 
  1. Dust highlighter all over eye and up to brow bone to create a base
  2. Sweep lid shade on eyes from lash line to crease
  3. Use accent shade on outer corners to create drama
  4. Contour eyes by applying deepest shade in crease
All in all, I recommend this Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow to you my lovely readers! 

Special Thanks Mr. Eman De Leon (New Media PR of Revlon/ Freelance Make-up Artist) - Find him via facebook HERE, visit his multiply site and follow him on twitter@DramaOverload 

Have you ever tried using this eye shadow? How was it? Do you like it? Share your thoughts about this product by leaving a comment. I would really appreciate it! :)


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