Bye, Summer'


Hello, lovelies! It's midweek already, how's everyone? It's a busy week for me though I still managed to make a post to keep you all updated. :)
So i just want to share my outfit post from our last summer trippings. Me and my girls just spent it at St. Agatha Resort. 
Say hello to Mickey, please? :D

I got my Disney Top from DAKKI and my cutey denim shorts from RED GIRL. And I'm wearing my comfy mustard shoes from SOLEMATE because one of my girlfriends also have the same shoes so we both wear it that time. ;)

I'm actually in love with this top from Dakki, the first time I saw this from their catalogue I just can't help myself but buy it. Haha. Certified Disney Girl' :D

A closer blurry look! :)

What's happening here? Lol

A little bit closer shot of my mustard solemate shoes. They are really comfortable to wear, as in. :) I love them. Period. :D
Okay, I'll show you now my photo diary at the resort. :)

That's all! Too bad we arrived at the resort a bit late so we didn't enjoyed the wave pool that much :( Because it's the final wave already. Aww. But at least we enjoyed bonding and swimming at the main pool and actually eating a lot! Nutella for the win. :) And the cam-whoring moment is best part actually! Lol. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. :)

That's all for now and I hope you liked this post. ;)

XO, JEN! <3

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