Call Me Maybe'


Aloha! Here I am again for another outfit post! And just wanna share why "Call Me Maybe" is the title of this post, it's mainly because that's my current favorite song as of the other day. haha. The song kept on playing at Lenovo Shop (SM North Annex) and I'm so LSS to the song from that time on. :D
But here's my number so CALL ME MAYBE? :)
Back to my outfit post. hehe! :)
Spot the color orange! Haha! :)
I got this Aralyn Mullet Top from SARI Shop. I just fell in love with this top especially the see through design at the back. :) And it's so comfortable to wear as well.
If you also want this top simply visit SARI SHOP on facebook. 

Thank you SARI for sending me this top. <3

And this Orange and Maroon Suede Tassels On Gold Chain from Sol Accessories is a must have! This just give life to my outfit because of its color plus the flat shoes I'm wearing which is color orange, too. Tassel accessories are so in nowadays so I suggest you visit Sol Accessories for more fabulous items! :)

Thank you Sol Accessories for sending me this tassel necklace. <3

And lastly my super comfy shoes from SOLEMATE, it is one of my fave shoes now. :) I so love them and I have another one in different color. :) I'll make a solo post about it soon. :)

Me behind the glass window of EGG boutique. Strike a pose first before shopping. lol. See my preggy tita behind me' haha :) And I just wanna grab all those bags behind me. :D

That's all for now. I hope you liked it! :) Comments are appreciated. 

So call me maybe? Hahaha! Addicted much. >.<

XO, JEN! <3

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Lots of Love, Jen !

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