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Hi, lovelies! Hope everyone will have a great weekend. Well, I won't be posting that much the following days let queue do the work form me. :D I just hope queue posts will actually work properly and won't mess up. :D

Anyway, before being inactive for a couple of days let me just share my thoughts about my Flat Shoes from OFFICINE, it's the GOLD LIGHT of Terra & Agua. Actually I have used this shoes on one of my outfit post before and you find it over HERE.

 Brazilian brand Terra & Agua launched their line plastic shoes on 2001, it was set to enhance the charm and beauty of Brazilian women. This brand certainly get the attention of women's love for shoes plus the comfort it can gives. Terra & Agua’s shoes collections provide you with the maximum comfort. It's created with PVC plastic as its base, this just assure you that you can walk in the whole day without worrying that your feet will hurt at the end of the day. 

This is the shoes I got from Terra & Agua through the OFFICINE store. I personally love the simplicity of this shoes plus the elegance which the glitter gives. This pair of shoes can easily be pair up with any casual attire or even dresses. Even though it's made of plastic I can outshine those other shoes. And the plus factor of these shoes is that I can wear this during rainy days without any hesitation because I know it's made up of plastic. And I love to wear these shoes when my nail polish are in bright colors so it can actually be seen on the shoes. Gahh! It's really cute! :) Just look at me wearing it with my Pink Nails. <333 So Loooooveee!
And let me show you some photos I took from OFFICINE STORE AT MARQUEE MALL PAMPANGA.
That's my shoes' And yes it's also available in RED. :)
Those slippers are indeed cute!
And a blurry picture of me with the staff there. They are very kind and accommodating. You'll surely enjoy shopping at OFFICINE. :)
Here's the collection to choose from with their price range:
Terra & Agua’s Fashionable line has style and class written all over it. A strappy stiletto minus the back-breaking pain of walking in them, this shoe is perfect for any after-work affair.
Price: P 2,700
The Greek Collection brings together the strength and beauty of the goddesses of Olympus to your feet with its simple yet stunning design.
Price: P 1,950
Just as its name suggests, the Comfort Collection puts comfort as its first priority. But that doesn’t mean that its design takes a back seat.
Price: P 1,700 – P 1,800
The Hally Collection is the brand’s quirky line of footwear that is fun, colorful, and comfortable. Definitely for the more adventurous fashion maven.
Price: P 1,800
Taking its inspiration from the Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of war, art, and wisdom, this collection best complements the modern woman: Strong but with all the right touches of femininity, without giving up comfort.
Price: P 1,400 – P 1,750
Inspired by the Italian island of Capri, a magical place said to have inspired a number of writer and artists, the Capri collection holds a certain charm and romance with its quirky embellishments and jewel-toned color.
Price: P 1,600 – P 1,650
Montreal is said to have been named after Mont-Royal, a triple-peaked hill located at the heart of the city. Taking its cue from the city’s namesake, the Montreal collection features a pointed-toe pump with cut outs, giving your feet added comfort and some breathing room.
Price: P 1,400
Parisians have always had an affinity for all things glamorous and an innate sense of style, which is why it comes as no surprise that the Nice Collection is the perfect mix of classic style and elegance. This goes perfectly from the office to your after work escape.
Price: P 2,700
True to its Brazilian roots, the Garopaba collection, named after the municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil, is your perfect accessory the next time you head to the sunny beaches of Southern Brazil, or any beach for that matter.
Price: P 2,200

Do you want to avail now?

Just visit their shop at or drop by their shops at the following places:
  • Shangri-La Mall
  • Rockwell Power Plant 
  • Robinson's Metro East 
  • Festival Mall 
  • Abreeza Davao 
  • Ayala Center Cebu 
  • Marquee Pampanga 
And please don't forget to LIKE their Facebook Page over HERE for you to keep updated. 

That's all for now, lovelies! How do you find Terra & Agua Shoes? Feel free to share your thoughts about it :) Just leave your comment. ;)



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