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Happy Sunday everyone! And happy father's day to my tatay and all the father out there! :) How's your weekend doing? Well, mine is great. Yesterday is a joyride at Pampanga (Angeles, Clark and San Fernando) and it's a happy ride yet tiring. :D
Okay, I'm just here to share some random photos from my Instagram and to let you know my username there and maybe FOLLOW ME? :)
Just showing my lovely pink nail polish. I'm such a kikay girl. Lol :D
I actually used an application here called BlendCam and I took a picture of myself then a picture of my tee with that "Do you like me?" prints. Don't you find this cute? :)
Just wondering what Direk herwin is saying? Lol. Haha! Love how hard working he is. Okay guys, Scene 9, take 2! Lights, Camera, Action! Haha! I like also how he motivate his artist to feel the scene and the perfect line for that is "moment mo to" so damahin mo ha. Haha. Applause! Can't wait to watch the mini film. :)
 With my solemate. This shoes are comfortable to wear. :D
Woah! Say hello to my BIG EYES! How do I look here? Yay or Nay? 
And lastly, me and my baby! I named him browny because of his color of course! Haha. I wanted to name him stitch because of those stitches but I decided not to because It'll just remind me of someone. :) What actually convinced me to buy this stuff toy yesterday is the HEART design plus stitches. :) 

Okay, that's all for now. Will blog the next IG Diary once i have another collection. lol. And mind following me now on Instagram?

Username: @ilovejenna02

Enjoy the rest of the day! :)


  1. you're so lucky to have long natural nails. you can wear this kind of pink :3

    1. Aww. Thanks, Arra! I know you can wear this type, too! Xo


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