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Hi, lovelies! I've been busy lately that's why I failed to accomplish some of my task. >.< I hope everyone's having a great weekend. :) 
Anyway, I'm here to tell you about my KAYA Accessory from Sol Accessories
(Credits to Sol Accessories)
This KAYA (Pink Braided Cloth With Suede And Chain Details) is from the SHIMA COLLECTION. 
A little introduction about this collection:
Shima, meaning “Mother”, is a Navajo term that they used in order to perfectly suit the launching of our first collection. This symbolizes the birth of our business and our journey of introducing you to a new world of accessories that will ignite a fire in your hearts urging and pushing you to look forward to our upcoming collections.  The Shima Collection consists of cloth and suede braids and some introductory metal works that is simply elegant and yet casual at the same time. 
You can check out their SHIMA COLLECTION HERE
Personally, I found this Kaya Accessory a very cute and feminine one because of it's color. And the best thing about this is it's just not a necklace but I managed to use it as a bracelet or head band as well. Isn't that amazing? Just one but you can style it in some different ways. Actually, I love them as a head band or bracelet. Just look at my photos.
There it goes. It's just an ordinary day so I only took a photo through a mirror shot to see how my outfit looks with this Kaya as my head band. :)
Just me cam-whoring. Lol.
It looks fabulous also wearing it as a bracelet. Too bad I failed to have an outfit post of this because I'm really busy with something personal that time. :( But I make sure to at least take a shot of my arm wearing this lovely accessory. :)

And if you want to see more just visit Sol Accessories Shop now HERE!


  1. Pretty braided necklace! :-) i have one as well and thanks for sharing that it can be used as a bracelet, too!

    Followed you through GFC
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    1. Thank you CarmisCaprice! :)
      Enjoy using it as a bracelet. :)

  2. New blog name right ate Jen? Lovely but I'll be missing the old one. Tehehe. :)
    Anyway, love your blogpost today. Kaingit! LOL! ^_____^


    1. Yay. Yes Vanessa! I even changed the URL before to make it more personal but I just can't leave fshion--gallery. Lol. :)
      Thanks for the compliment. :D

      Xo, Jen.

    2. Haha! Your welcome ate Jen. :)

  3. I really really love your blog. I just followed you via GFC.

    Can you check mine please?


    1. Thanks , lara!
      I love checking out blogs.



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