Review: Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar


Hi, lovelies! Here I am again for a review of another beauty product which is the Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar from Flawless Beauty Online.

Thanks to Ms. Lei Arsad for sending me this great product! And she is so generous enough to sent me two other product for my blog giveaway! It's the Flawless Beauty Whitening Toner and Flawless Beauty Skin Protect Day Cream. Join the giveaway HERE.

Brightening. Anti-Oxidants. Aromatherapy

Exclusive only for Flawless Beauty, this soap helps maintain your skin youthful by making it brighter and radiant. The glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidants that helps eliminate dark spots and blemishes. It has moisturizers and plant extracts to help you achieve smooth, younger looking skin in as as early as 7 days.

Experience this sweet-smelling soap everytime you bath. Ideal for face and body.

Retail price: P130 / bar
Weight: 150g
What do I love in this product? Actually, it's aroma! The sweet strawberry scent just made me wanna stay longer at the bathroom. :D And it lather so well which makes me love this product more. I used this all over my body and after bathing it leaves my skin soft and smooth plus the refreshing feeling due to its aroma. And another plus factor is that the bar doesn't melt that fast so a bar can actually lasts. This soap is Made In The Philippines and it's so affordable! You should try this, too! The whitening effects vary with the time of use. It maybe achieved after using it for a long time. :D Grab yours now! :)
If you want to avail this product go visit Flawless Beauty Online Shop HERE.
**E-mail and contact number is provided on the photo above. 
Ssssh. This is my secret. Gluta Strawberr Milk Bar. :) Overall, I recommend this product. You'll actually enjoy using this bar soap. :)

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  1. Amazing soapbar :X I would like to give it a try <3


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