Sunday Blues


Hello, lovelies! It's Monday again and I hope everyone started the week right. As for the weather, I can say it's a "Bed Weather" *lol* i just wanna lay on my bed the whole day. How about you? :)
Anyway, I just wanna share my outfit yesterday. I attended the Sunday afternoon mass then went to a family friend's 18th Birthday celebration. I decided to wear a blazer due to the cold weather. :D

I paired my Aralyn Mullet Top from SARI with my BLUE SCALLOP TRIM BLAZER from COPPERThis blazer is too cute not to be noticed, right?

Check out COPPER for their latest collection. 
Thanks again to Marmie & Allan for sending me this. :)

And my earrings are from WEAR MAUVE, perfectly suits my blue scallop blazer. I already made a review of these accessories HERE

How do you find this look? Don't forget to HYPE this at HERE. I really wish my hair will grow a bit faster na, I'm missing my long hair :( long curly hair :( Waah. Enough. :) 

Visit their shop now:
That's all for now, lovelies! Enjoy the rest of the week! Embrace Rainy Season with love! Lol. :)



  1. sis love the gladiator shoes.. And your whole outfit :) plus no heavy eye make up:D love it so much sis!

    1. Aww. Sissy, thanks! I love it, too! Yeah! No heavy make up. haha! <3


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