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Have you read my post about ROMWE's SUMMER SALE HERE? Well, I just get some stuffs for myself and I'll show you what are they.

You know what, I really enjoy shopping online at ROMWE! Really convenient for me plus they offer FREE shipping which is really a good thing for us who loves to save. :)


Do you like them? Which one do you like best? Me the Flowers Print Cut Out Dress but of course I love them all! Been eying that Textured Silver-tone Flat Shoes for so long and finally been able to buy it! Thanks to ROMWE's SUMMER SALE! 

Do you see all their stuffs on sale? Simply go HERE! Move faster because some items are limited stocks only so probably will be sold out so fast! 



XX, Jen!♥

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in BLUSH

Hi, lovelies! Sorry for not being able to post personal post lately. So here I am to share my review about Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in BLUSH.

This lipstick gives our lips an instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel. The Elasticolor™ technology provides immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin. They are available in 20 gorgeous shades, including 5 new shades!

So here goes some photos of my Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in BLUSH.
I really love the packaging of this lipstick, the tube's design's so chic and sleek plus the the top of the cap indicate the color of the lipstick. Easy to know what color the lipstick is, isn't it a good idea?
This Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in BLUSH is just my type because i really love wearing nude shade of lipstick. And I love how I can easily apply it on my lips, with just 1-2 swipes, hello lovely blush lips! This will surely be always on my makeup kit.

Here goes the swatches:

HOW To Apply:
EXPERT TIPS: Apply directly to lips for beautiful, high impact color. Can be worn with or without lip liner.

This lipstick can actually last around 3-4 hours, good enough for me. And I also love the glossy effect it gives which means no need to put lip gloss after. If you're having a dry lips this can also moisturize your lips.

Where to buy this product?

You can purchase this Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in BLUSH at for $5.50! And you can use my coupon code FASHIONGAL to save up to 5% discount. ;)
So here's a photo of me with that lipstick on! :)
Do I look good with this lipstick? Tell me! Hehe! Have you tried any of the Colorburst Lipsticks by Revlon? Share to me which one is your favorite shade! :) I love to hear from you lovelies. :)

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XO, Jen.

SALE up to 75% at ROMWE.COM'



Do you know that ROMWE is  holding a huge summer sale on everything in store  over HERE.  All their items, no matter best sellers or new pieces are on discount, saving up to 75%.  What's more, once your order is over $60, you can enjoy extra 15% off!  The code is: clearance15%, valid before 31st July (GMT+8).

I'mma show you some of a good finds that you'll surely think of buying them!

That's enough! You should see for yourself all their items on SALE HERE!! And as you can see some are SOLD OUT already knowing that the sale just started today, right? Well, move faster grab your ROMWE's favorite items now!!


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Here's another international giveaway for my lovely readers sponsored by SPECIALLENSRemember my review on one of their  Barbie Neon Series Contact Lens over HERE? Well, I am happy to share that they will be giving away 2 BARBIE NEON SERIES Contact Lenses to 1 lucky winner! Wow! In just a snap you  can have the chance of having 2 contact lenses for FREE!

So how will this work? Simply follow ALL the given instructions on the rafflecopter below. We will CHECK if you really follow all the given instructions. :)

WET N WILD Mega Last Matte Lip Cover in Dollhouse Pink

Hi, lovelies! Tonight's post will mark the start of my makeup reviews, a lot to come after this! :) 

This is actually my first time to own this kind of shade of lipstick and I was really amazed that somehow this one suit me pretty well. 

This Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover in Dollhouse Pink is a vivacious blue-based pink lippy and will you believe me if I say that its color is so close with the MAC Pink Nouveau? Well, you should check out dime on dime post about Dupe For Mac’s Pink Noveau Lipstick over HERESee for yourself, lovelies.
Here goes the swatches:
This is actually a 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. I love how it glides on so easily and with just a few swipes they'll be absolutely opaque on each every skin tone. Since this product is a semi-matte one and you're not a matte-lover, you can add up a shimmery lip gloss on the top to add more drama and I suggest also that you put a little lip balm prior to applying this lipstick to avoid the appearance of flakes on your lips because this formula is a bit too drying. After that, all is set! Hello to a barbie like little girl look! :)

Where to buy this product?

You can purchase this Wet N Wild Mega Last Matter Lipstick in Dollhouse Pink at for only $2.75! And you can use my coupon code FASHIONGAL to save up to 5% discount. ;)

So let me show you now a photo of me with that lipstick on! :)
Does it look good on me? Tell me! Hehe! Have you tried any of the WET N WILD Mega Last Matte Lip Cover? Share to me which one is your favorite shade! :) I love to hear from you lovelies. :)


XX, Jen!♥

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I suggest you go for this program lovelies! ROMWE.COM is really into the latest street fashion online so make the best strategy and EARN $$$ through it! SO tell me now you don't wanna miss this? :D So start and join the program HERE.

ROMWE--Latest High Street Fashion Online Store


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Barbie Neon Gray

Hi, lovelies! I'm going to share my review about Barbie Neon Gray Lenses from

They are specialize in selling the most popular circle lens from South Korea and Japan. Variety of colors lens, hyper size, big circles lens are all available at our store. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to dramatic looking effects like Lady Gaga in Bad Romance. Start browse the website and grab your favorite lens now HERE! :)
Why buy from them?
  • WorldWide Shipping
SO back to my review, let mo show you first some photos.

I love the lens case (Disney case) and of course the lenses itself. Well, I'm not really into gray lenses but after wearing these *dang* i love them now! Haha! I love how the dark ring around the outer edge gave an illusion of a bigger, wider iris that achieve dolly-like appearance. I'm so into contact lenses that makes my eyes appear bigger! The diameter of this lenses is 14.5mm!

Design - So lovely and simple! Love the dark ring around the outer edge.
Enlargement - It really made my eyes appear bigger and love the dolly-like appearance.
Comfort -  They are really comfortable and soft. And they don't dry out your eyes. 

The lens tend to turn inside out so often (not in the eye) but it can be easily detected so nothing to worry about. And after 6-7 hours of wearing this my eyes started to feel tired though it's a long time already.

Design -  ★★★★★
Enlargement - ★★★★★ 
Comfort - ★★★★☆

That's it! And if you want to have this same circle lens, grab yours at SPECIALLENS! :)

And leemee show you a photo of me wearing this.

Is it a YAY or a NAY? Feedbacks are highly appreciated! :) Buy your own Barbie Neon Gray circle lenses now at SPECIALLENS or browse for other colors and designs! :)


XX, Jen!♥

Oasap $100,000 Giveaway! Beat "The Monster"!


Hello, lovelies! Join the OASAP latest giveaway HERE and win up to $500 cash credits! 
Simple Mechanics:
  1. Login your account on No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code.
  2. Go HERE and simply beat the monster to draw cash credits!
  3. Cash credits you won will be funded to your account automatically.
The credits you won from OASAP $100,000 giveaway expires on August 31st.


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Hi, dolls! I'm back to spread the news about WILD DOLL STORE newest collection! Remember my post HERE wherein I said that they will be releasing the style of their newest shoe collections in the next 48hours. 

Well, I'm so happy to announce that all their new collections are now officially released on their website HERE.

Oh my! I want the pink and black one with gold spikes! 
And before I show a sneak peek of all the new shoes, let me first share to you about their WEEKEND DEAL! 
Wow! This is all for you dolls! Just key in the code SUMMERLOVE to save 20% off on your entire purchase! What can I say more? WILD DOLL STORE just want us to be happy!
So here goes the newest collection of shoes.
I'm speechless now. Haha! Which one is your favorite on the first look? Me? I want all the spiked heels! Wearing those heels will absolutely boost up your confidence and will make you feel you're 100% sexy! Haha! Can you resist the beauty of these shoes? I bet you can't! So better get these sexy heels now at WILD DOLL STORE! Go wild with these wild doll's awesome shoes! Don't miss it lovelies, huh? :)

Shop at WILD DOLL STORE now! :)

Along with these lovely heels, I want to end this post with the music video of "DOMINO

"I'm feeling sexy and free, like glitter's raining on me. You're like a shot of pure gold, I think I'm 'bout to explode"


XX, Jen!♥

The Magic Leverag

Which one do you prefer a straight hair or the curly one? Well, as of the moment I really wanted to have a curly hair but my rebonded hair just won't let it happen. :/ I have to wait for a couple of months before I can have it. But thanks to Love Moon Shop for sending me this Magic Leverag Curlformers! I just found a way to help me easily curl my hair in an instant way! 

Curlformers are revolutionary because the hair is curled inside the curlformer - it does the work for you. Curlformers take on average a third of the time to apply than other curler. You get a perfect curl style in record time while giving you the choice to have exactly the curls you want, where you want them. Visually dramatic and are fun and safe for everyone to use.  
  • Easily curl the entire length of your hair, or just a section 
  • Easy to use on yourself or on someone else
  • Less training and less time creating perfect curls 
  • Constructed of a long wearing PTE material
  • Precise definition and tension to curls
My hair with the curlformers vs my straight hair! Haha :)

First, shampoo and condition hair and towel dry. Apply a mousse or styling product evenly through your hair to give extra hold to your curls.  

Next, you may find it easier to section your hair and use clips to keep it out of the way until you are ready to apply Curlformers to that section. Make sure you have put together the two parts of the Styling Hook and then, holding the handle, feed the Curlformer on to the Styling Hook.  

Starting at the nape of the neck, and with the rest of your hair clipped out of the way, take a small section of hair approximately half an inch or 2 cms wide. Give it a quarter turn twist, and holding the handle higher than the hook, slip the twisted section into the hook.
Using your thumb and index finger, squeeze open slightly the end of the Curlformer closest to the scalp, enabling you to draw the hook back through the Curlformer.  

Apply all the Curlformers in this fashion, working your way from the back of the head through the sides and top to the front. When complete, dry the hair for 30 minutes with a hairdryer. Ideally, leave the Curlformers in for as long as possible for longer-lasting curls – you can even sleep with them!  

To remove the Curlformers, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze open the end closest to the scalp. At the same time, use your free hand to unfurl the Curlformer and then gently remove from the hair. You won’t disturb the curl.

(Instructions are from Love Moon Shop)
Side of hair with curlformers on. 
Done curling the first half of y hair. We put some hair spray to keep the curls last a little longer and yes it worked! :)
Tadan! Here's the finish product! Do you like it? :) 
For me, I recommend this product to you dolls if you want to have that curly hair in a very quick and easy way! As for the result, I'm really satisfied because It gave the curls I've been wanting for so long! And if you're convince you should grab your own curlformers at Love Moon Shop!

I hope you liked this post and find this very helpful. :)

Visit Love Moon Shop now!


XX, Jen!♥

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