Gold Skull Earrings from MSO


Hiiiya! Happy first Wednesday of the month and it's still raining. *sigh* Well, I'm just writing a post now about the lovely items I got from My Social Outlet. :)
But lemme first introduce My Social Outlet to you lovelies.
It's your very own private page where you can solialize with your friends, it’s also  a place for you to get away, relax, and have fun saving precious time, while shopping and scheduling your favorite services!
What can they offer?

** Makeovers.
** Virtual stylist services.
** Customized gifts and accessories.
** Attire from top international brands.
** Unique beauty products.
** Same day delivery, for select cities.

So lemme show you this lovely earrings I got from them.
Woah! Don't you find those earrings so lovely? I just love these Gold Skull Earrings with Pink Stones that makes it more feminine. :) Here's a closer look! But sorry I still don't have SLR for high quality pictures *lol* (SOON) Haha! #crossedfingers :)
Yay! Are you scared now? :D Anyway, thanks My Social Outlet for sending me these and for the opportunity to joined your contest which is open for fashion bloggers like me. Along with these earrings they also included a reusable bag with their shop's awesome logo.
So what more can I say? I suggest you visit My Social now and pre-register HERE.


XX, Jen!♥ 


  1. exactly what I love ... I want one too <3

    1. Isn't cute mee? It's kinda mabigat nga lang :p Haha


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