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Do you always want a moisturized lips plus a yummy factor? Well, YummyBuddy knows it all! I'm very happy to have these lip balms. Let me just show you how these lip balms looks like.

Each Lip Balms are individually packed in a plastic and sealed with the Yummy Buddy stickers.
Yummy Buddy Chocolate Lip Balm Peppermint Flavor - This lip balm is bursting with peppermint flavor and soothing cooling effect. Well, a mint flavor is what I like when my lips are chapped, I think this is somehow a medicated lip balm. I love them. :)
Yummy Buddy Chocolate Lip Balm Caramel Flavor - This lip balm is bursting with caramel scent without the caramel taste. This made me missed my childhood days eating a lot of caramel candies! I just wanna eat this lip balm. :D
Yummy Buddy Chocolate Lip Balm Vanilla Flavor - This lip balm is bursting with vanilla scent. So if you love the smell of vanilla, get this one now! :)
No more chapped lips now coz' I found the right lip balms for me and I love the yummy factor it can give. I'm a satisfied little girl with these YummyBuddy Lip Balms!

Want to purchase now? Visit YummyBuddy Online Store HERE now


XX, Jen!♥ 

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