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Hiya! How's your day, lovelies? I hope everyone's doing great~ :) So lemme show you my newest sets of nail polish! Well, I just love to keep my nails painted with lovely colors. :)
That first 4 nail polishes are all from PHOEBES NAIL ARTThis shop supply all items related to nail arts. Also fashion and unique accessories. The pink one is actually a crack nail polish and my favorite among these four is the Sweet Color Matte Finishing Coat. :)
Like Phoebe Nail Art on facebook HERE.
Visit their shop over HERE.
Woah! I just love these Klean Color Nail Polish from BEAUTYJOINT.COM. I'm excited to use them! :) Watch out for my NOTD Diary. :)
China Glaze Magnetix also from BEAUTYJOINT.COM. :)
And I have a good news for you you guys! Save Huge on Makeup. Use my special code FASHIONGAL to get 5% Discount! Happy Shopping! Their products are mostly affordable! :)
The first polish I used was the China Glaze Magnetix and finish it up with the Sweet Color Matte Top Coat. ;) Do you like it?
What's you favorite color among those polishes? I would love to hear from you lovelies! Just leave a comment on this post. :D And don't forget to check out those shops I just mentioned. 


XX, Jen!♥


Any thoughts about my post? :)

Lots of Love, Jen !

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