New CROCS New YOU Event with Ms. Laureen Uy


This was actually a few weeks ago already, blame me for posting this quite late but better late than never right? Hehe :) This event was the first ever event that I've attended as a blogger. Why did I decided to go? It's because of Ms. Laureen Uy of which is the top fashion blogger of our country today and of course to personally see the release of the CROCS Newest Collection! 
New Crocs New You Event st SM Megamall Activity Center
Snap shots of their trendier models that includes heels, wedges, funky flats and slip-ons.
Some of the foods at the event.
Our table.
With my new found friend, Lennor.
And yes! that's Laureen Uy and I'm actually loving her nirvana dress in neon green. The bangles and her flats is one of New Crocs COllection. :) They are actually announcing the winner of the New Crocs New You Competition.
And the winner of the two-month long New Crocs New You local competition, Lia Espina-Lopez. She won over 800 entries from Crocs fans across the country as the Philippine winner who deserves a makeover treat from Crocs. Her inspiring story was about her experience 2 years ago wherein she had an accident that left her right side half-paralyzed. It was a life changing experience for her and Crocs was the only pair of shoes that she could wear at that time. And I do believe too that she truly deserves to win. :)
And after announcing the winner, Laureen Uy started with the styling workshop. 
The first thing she emphasized was about the Top 5 Essentials that should be in our wardrobe:
  1. Black Dress
  2. Killer Heels
  3. Statement Bags
  4. White Shirt
  5. Ballet Flats
And here's how to wear prints on prints style.
And here's how to transform an office get up to night out get up by simply removing the blazer from office. 
White brown and cream suits best for women plus a black flats.
And now she gave some tips on how to accessorize.
When wearing a beaded tops, no need for more accessories.
When wearing red dress, silver or gold accessories are  the best choice.
Clothes and accessories were provided by event partner, SM Department Store. And shoes are all from CROCS. 
There is also a styling contest wherein the 2 contestant were given 2 minutes to style up using the available stuff backstage. 
And here's the result. Laureen had a hard time choosing and eventually ended up with the girl wearing the black dress. They both received GCs from CROCS so both of them actually won. :) 
And yes, this won't be complete without a kodak moment with Laureen Uy. :) Yay! I'm so happy I personally met her.
And of course with Ms. Cindy for without her invite I won't be here. Thank you! :)
With my new found friends Lennor and Chin. :)
Congrats CROCS for that successful event! 
Watch out guys for my next post wherein a closer look of the Crocs Newest Collection will be shown. :)
Can't wait to tell which are my favorites! :)
That's all for this event. I had a great time and I hope you had a great time reading this post. :)


XX, Jen!♥ 

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