Hi, dolls! I'm back to spread the news about WILD DOLL STORE newest collection! Remember my post HERE wherein I said that they will be releasing the style of their newest shoe collections in the next 48hours. 

Well, I'm so happy to announce that all their new collections are now officially released on their website HERE.

Oh my! I want the pink and black one with gold spikes! 
And before I show a sneak peek of all the new shoes, let me first share to you about their WEEKEND DEAL! 
Wow! This is all for you dolls! Just key in the code SUMMERLOVE to save 20% off on your entire purchase! What can I say more? WILD DOLL STORE just want us to be happy!
So here goes the newest collection of shoes.
I'm speechless now. Haha! Which one is your favorite on the first look? Me? I want all the spiked heels! Wearing those heels will absolutely boost up your confidence and will make you feel you're 100% sexy! Haha! Can you resist the beauty of these shoes? I bet you can't! So better get these sexy heels now at WILD DOLL STORE! Go wild with these wild doll's awesome shoes! Don't miss it lovelies, huh? :)

Shop at WILD DOLL STORE now! :)

Along with these lovely heels, I want to end this post with the music video of "DOMINO

"I'm feeling sexy and free, like glitter's raining on me. You're like a shot of pure gold, I think I'm 'bout to explode"


XX, Jen!♥

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