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The Porcelain Doll Soap

Hello, lovelies! This post is going to be all about the soap "MIMI - The Porcelain Doll Soap (Blemish Fading & Whitening Face & Body Bar)" which I got from Mimi & Tofu's Cosmetics & Pet Care Products.

Tired of dark spots, acne and Blemishes?
Details of the soap:
PORCELAIN DOLL SOAP is here to the rescue! Not only does this soap Lighten your skin, it also helps VANISH Blemishes, Dark Spots and Acne. This soap will leave your skin FAIR, RADIANT, YOUNG and FLAWLESS!  
Contains Claire Blanche- the most expensive whitening agent. You also have Kojic, Arbutin, Bengkaong and Lemon Extracts- to lighten blemishes and scars, even STRETCH MARKS! Tea Tree and Guava Extracts to fight against acne and bacteria. Mandorlat and Mulberry to keep your skin moisturized and brings back your radiant glow. Stemcell for cell renewal and combats the signs of aging, leaving you with that youthful skin. Cucumber to soothe your skin.

I have tried this product a few weeks ago and I must say I love using this soap just like my Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar. :) The scent of this soap is just fine for me but I love how this product last for a long time because It doesn't melt that easily, a plus bonus from me.  :)
This soap really helped my dark spots & blemishes fade a bit because it will took a little long time before it works totally on my *dark spots loaded face* haha! but somehow with continuity of use it will absolutely help fades those blemishes & dark spot we've been hating for such a long time *argghh* :p There's just one thing I dislike with this product, it does not lather that much :( no tons of bubble to play with while bathing *lol* hehe! 
So overall I do love this soap and I can recommend this soap to you, just simply try it for yourself to see. This soap will leave your skin fair, radiant, young and flawless. What else could you possibly ask, lovelies?  This soap bar will only cost you 170php (100g) and last for a little long time, price is good enough I think. :) 
"WHITENING is safe with Organic and Natural Products!"
And they offer this soap for wholesale! (For Now)
  • Buy 6 pcs of soap and get it @ 160.00php
  • Buy 12 pcs of soap get it @ 150.00php
  • Buy 25 pcs of soap and get it @ 140.00php 
  • Buy 50 pcs of soap and get it @ 125.00php
I suggest you visit their shop Mimi & Tofu now! And by the way, I have an ongoing giveaway wherein I included some items from Mimi & Tofu to generously give to one of my lucky reader. Get the chance to win 3 items from this shop (BB Cream & 2 Baviphat Goodies) over HERE.

XX, Jen!♥

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