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Hello, lovelies! It's a rainy Monday and I hope you all started the week right. ;) And just wanted to share how great my weekend was! We attended "The Singles Night Out" last Saturday wherein we were able to watched The Spiderman at the last full show and the movie was really awesome fore me! :) I really admire Emma Stone, such a good actress. Do you agree with me? Too bad I failed to capture my outfitey that night >.< just because I forgot my camera. 

After the movie, me and my friend decided to enjoy the night though it's almost 12am already *haha* and a mystery guy just arrived to join us two and we really did have fun that night. And what's worst was at around 4am, the mystery guy was on the go to have a joyride to Clark Pampanga and I was like *OMG Seryoso?* Haha! but thank God while on our way to Calumpit me and my friend decided to just reschedule it because our parents are eventually looking for us at that time *very strict ang parents kasi ee pero 4am na* Lol! Okay enough for that scenario! :D

And last Sunday, me and mom attended the afternoon mass and you know what? I really feel relieved every after hearing a mass because I know I spent time with God alone at those moments though I know he's with me everyday. :) 
I got this Black Split Sleeve Beaded Gorgeous Dress from What I love about this dress is the beaded details and the length if this dress fits me. This simple black dress is very elegant looking that can be worn in different occasions. :) If you want to purchase this dress just go HERE and it's actually one of the shop best sellers. :)

Colorful Rectangular Ring from I really love this ring plus the small square mirror that is attached to the ring. Love it! Shop for glamorous accessories at romwe. They offer free shipping. Check out their Rough Glamour Collection HERE. Tassel earrings from LAME and bracelet from bazaar.

To end this post you can listen to my current fave song 
"Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry. You don't know how lovely you are, I had to find you, tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart."


XX, Jen!♥


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    1. Thanks Girl! i followed you by the way! :)

  2. fell inlove with the dress sissy :) the outfit looks great.. If you paired it with your red pumps it will look better sissy for contrast and statement :)

    1. You're right sissy but I'm on a rush that time and failed to find the shoes. Actually I'm planning it to pair with neon colored heels but ended up with this. aw! And the dress is actually big for me, isn't obvious?? Haha

    2. the yellow green one sissy?? I never noticed that sissy :D

    3. Yes sissy >.< The dress size is medium :/ Lucky me that it's not obvious at all. :)) Thanks sissy! <33

  3. Omg I love it and it looks great on you Jen <333


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