Spot The Color Orange


Did I change my favorite color into orange? No! Green is still my favorite. :) I'm just loving my color orange painted nails and my shorts in orange. :P 

So this is what I'm wearing last Saturday when I went to the mall to shop for shoes and brought my laptop at the lenovo shop to fix some issues, I'm glad my lappy's working smoothly fine now. ;)

Do I look like asdfghjkl on the second picture? >.<

I got this Blue Metal Collar Tip from Runway DreamsThis shop have a lot of new collections now! You should visit their shop HERE. And the Ibiza Sandals I'm wearing are from Tribute Shoes.
And this Punk Style Rivet Trim Textured Faux Leather Shoulder Bag from OASAP. This bag might look a bit small but you can actually put a lot of your things inside. And this will only cost you a flat $30 plus OASAP offers FREE SHIPPING so no more additional charges. :) Get this bag HERE.
Look at my ring? It's on a reversed view! Haha *LOL* It actually says "When I fall in love with YOU" Weeee. :) 
Ring from Gurly Glam Shoppe and leather bracelet from Wear Mauve.

How do you find this outfit, lovelies? Just leave your comment on the box below. And don't forget those shop I just mentioned. :)

I hope you liked my post. Have a great day! :)


XX, Jen!♥


  1. Loving the whole outfit and the bag omg! I want one too ...

    1. Thanks mee tee! And yes the bag is sooo cute! hehe! <3 Grab yours at ;)

  2. give meee all of these sissy love as in loveeeeee thd whole outfit and the bag :D

    1. Haha! Confused pa ko sa outfit na yan :D I'm so happy to see positive feedbacks comin' :D


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