PENSHOPPE Personal Care Collection Now Available ONLINE


After the successful launch of the epic ALL STARS campaign starring global favorites Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries’ lead star Ian Somerhalder, Asian matinee idol Mario Maurer and Hollywood A-List superstar Zac Efron, PENSHOPPE now expands its product portfolio with the launch of its personal care collection available both in store as well as online.

Other than being the leading trend in local fashion, PENSHOPPE is also popular for its expansive and affordable fragrance collection that suits the different moods of both men and women. UNLIMITED is an exciting addition this year to the PENSHOPPE fragrance line, with a refreshing yet musky scent for MEN and a sweet floral accent for WOMEN. For only 249php, be prepared to
smell cool and fresh and be inspired with the infinite possibilities UNLIMITED has to offer.
PENSHOPPE’s cosmetic line, the Color Hydradiance collection, also gets a makeover with the launch of two limited edition cosmetic products—Mirage Aqualiner Pencil and Rouge Lip Shade.
Mirage Aqualiner Pencil, a handy and easy-to-apply eyeliner pencil, has the perfect smooth glide to color the lash lines all the way. With three lively variants to choose from—Celeste(white), Nymph (teal) and Royale (purple)— Mirage Aqualiner Pencil promises an eye-popping look to highlight the most striking area of your face. Get a light and sophisticated look for only 149php.
Mirage Aqualiner Pencil - Royale (purple)
Mirage Aqualiner Pencil - Celeste(white)
Mirage Aqualiner Pencil - Nymph (teal)
PENSHOPPE also allows you to channel your inner vixen into a sexy pout with Rouge Lip Shade, a limited edition collection of red lipsticks. With three rich hues to suit the different skin tones of women—Satine, Scarlet and Sangria, Rouge Lip Shade is a woman’s must-have for that voluptuous pout.
Rouge Lip Shade is fortified with Color Hydradiance factor, a healthy blend of antioxidantbenefits from white tea extracts. Each shade is available for only 199php.
Swatch of Rouge Lip Shade (Scarlet)
Capping off the collection is a limited edition 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set that contains five soft synthetic hair brushes, which includes a powder brush, eye shadow brush, a sponge-tip brush (for blending colors), a lip brush and a grooming brush for the brows and lashes. The Makeup Brush Set is available for only 399php (as a special promo, if you buy any product from the Color Hydradiance collection, you can get the brush set for a discounted price of 249php).
All these plus the entire personal care set are available in all PENSHOPPE stores as well as online via Payments for online can be made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or JCB) or through over-the-counter transactions in BDO branches nationwide (free shipping anywhere in the Philippines with a minimum purchase of only 500php).

More information can be found on
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 LIKE them on Facebook at Penshoppe (Official).

So check out now, lovelies!


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Everything from WISHTREND.COM'


Finding wishtrend made my beauty routine more exiting, why? Because they offer a lot of Korean beauty products that everyone will surely love! Just look at these items I got from

What does wishtrend says about this product?

Fresh and organic body care
All our HELLO EVERYBODY NATURE HOLIC body care products use organic  Herb Aloe Water that is certified by ECOCERT. It provides dry skin with an  immediate burst of moisture  and nourishes the moisture barrier to break the  cycle of dry skin.
This fresh grapefruit fragrance makes your skin emollient. It is an ideal daily care for skin. Indian gooseberry extract can help prevent sun damage and premature skin aging, as it is a potent natural antioxidant. 
You gotta love these products as well! I just can't resist of the scent it can give and how they help my skin to be soft and prevents dryness. I recommend that you try these or even the other scent as well! Get them HERE.
And how about this Aloe Gel? Well, I found this product very helpful! Really! It helps my skin to be softer and smoother than before but it just takes time before you see the effect and I only use this thrice a week. 
See how every products of wishtrend are perfectly sealed. Even the Hello Everybody Body wash & Body Lotion in Grape Fruit also have this type of seal. 
Here's the product specifications:
  • Moisturizing and Skin elasticity
  • Softer and smoother! 
  • Pore management with Green tea extract! 
  • Mild
You just have to put a good amount on your palms, lather then apply to necessary area and let the skin absorb it then after 15mins wash it with water. It is recommended to use 1-2x a week but I tried using it thrice a week and it worked! :)

If you want to purchase this, simply go HERE. 

And I have a good news for you lovelies! Just use the code FASHIONGALLERY to have your items ship to you FREELY! This is only valid until the end of September so make sure to make the most of it! Okay? :)

For more Korean beauty products just go to!


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Back On Track With Yellow Prints


I've been really busy this month of August because I make it sure to really spend each day with my family since my loving mama(my so close aunt) and Japanese cousin went home for an almost 2 week vacation here in the Philippines, so I just make the most of it!

I really have a lot to blog now! I want to share them all to you my ever supporting readers. :)
So here comes one of my backlog outfit post, this is what I wore during the Christening of my godchild Chiro. 

I got this Scarf Pattern Printed Yellow Dress from ROMWE. I love the simplicity of this dress, the scarf print gave an elegant look on this dress. And the black waistband just add a bit more attraction to my overall look. And oh pardon my unwaxed legs, I'm the balbon type of girl and haven't done wax for ages now!
I'm loving my red nails! Beaded bangles from House Of Luxe.
A loud yay for my chubby cheeks! Lol. I'm not that kind of person who can have a perfect candid photo, you know not a slim model type of cheeks. Haha! Since I can't do anything about it I'll just love how my cheeks are. Love your own daw! Kk. Chubby cheeks for the win! Anyway, that necklace again from Wear Mauve and YSL inspired ring from House Of Luxe.
I have  minimal makeup as usual. Eyeshadow, primer, foundation and lipstick used are REVLON. I'll blog about this event soon because I just want to share how cute the venue was. :) 
Don't miss to visit those shops, lovelies!
Dress (ROMWE) Bangles & Ring (House Of Luxe) Necklace (Wear Mauve)


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ROMWE Summer Clearance Sale!


Do you know that ROMWE's having a summer clearance sale right now and it will run for one whole week only (24th to 31st of August). Well, I know you wouldn't miss this kind of opportunity and knowing that ROMWE really have a lot of fashionable items! 
They offer many discounts, ranging from 5% to 60%. 

Furthermore, you will also get an extra 15% DISCOUNT if your final payment reach $70! Simply use the code is: clearance15%, so the most discount can reach 75%!!

Aren't that so so great? Hmmm. Come and join me browse the summer clearance now HERE
Happy Shopping, lovelies!


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The world of fashion according to Tyler'


Tyler’s latest collection lets you step into a fashion-forward world with the confidence and clothes to warrant those head turns.

 For the regular Jane and Joe, fashion is an intangible idea–a world where price tags are of no value, where clothing silhouettes are taken to the extremes, and where six-inch heels seems to be the daily norm. While that may be true in the idyllic world of the fashion-savvy, regular men and women are simply looking to be on-trend without causing too much ruckus while walking down the street or without burning holes into their pockets.

When it comes to our fashion, accessibility is what we all yearn for, and why not? With the rise of fast fashion retail shops, runway trends are easily transformed into everyday apparel and work wear that fit the budgets of trend-seeking shoppers. Truth be told, it’s simply a safe and economically wise way to test run certain trends. Locally, brands such as Tyler have appealed to a steady number of young professionals who possess a zest for exploring new trends in fashion whilst maintaining a certain air of sophistication.
Since launching itself into the consciousness of Filipino shoppers back in 2001, Tyler has expanded its line from unique shift pieces, or apparel that can be comfortably worn to work and stylishly worn in the evenings, to offering dressier looks for more formal occasions, as well as a dapper line of menswear. While the new collection still keeps a stronghold on Tyler’s classic shifts, the pieces are ingeniously updated with a few modern twists, silhouettes and details. “We have realized that the fashion world has evolved since the inception of Tyler. We are now keeping more with the times. It's now more about how outfits are put together that make the statement, instead of singular pieces that are hard to pair with anything else,”explains Tyler’s Brand Director, Alex Mendoza.
“We have some pieces that are trendier and can be worn for parties. However, our classic work wear is now updated to give subtle additions that are still perfectly acceptable in the workplace,” Mendoza further adds, which makes finding a unique working wardrobe a piece of cake.

While staying true to the brand’s classic style ethos, Tyler has upped the ante with the introduction and use of luxurious materials in their latest collection. That being said, regular and new patrons of the store are able to achieve high fashion for a fraction of the cost. “For the menswear, we're using Egyptian and Italian cottons for our shirts and Italian wool for our suits,” reveals Mendoza.“It is understated elegance with a few stylish touches to make it more fashionable. As for our women’s wear, we are also using finer materials like silk, premium cotton and chiffon to name a few.”

The appeal of fast fashion doesn’t just end with wallet friendly and fashionably trendy finds. Practicality is also a key component in attracting customers season after season–and Tyler is not one to miss out on this key element, as Mendoza explains, “the mood of the collection is a lot lighter than that of the previous season. There are lighter colors, simpler details, and more elegant touches. Each piece can be worn more often if needed,but still makes a statement each time.” This season, key pieces include the new shirts for men and sheath dresses for women. Quirky graphic prints on shirts and skirts add a punch of humor and youth into the collection as well.

If fashion runways continue to churn out clothes made to fit the near perfect bodies of models, Tyler boasts of creating clothing fit for the real man and woman. “Our customers can look forward to much more comfortable fabrics and body-flattering silhouettes,” shares Mendoza. “We've democratized our brand to no longer be just for people with model proportions.” As in tune as they are with the pulse of international fashion, so are they with the needs of their customers–a quality that most every shopper looks for when it comes to shopping and dressing up.

For more than a decade, Tyler has been paving the way for a new landscape in local retail, and their new collection proves just how. Past keeping up with the changing trends in fashion, Tyler has also created it’s own world where the idea of fashion isn’t always about donning the most expensive dress, but being able to enjoy fashion straight up. And as Mendoza would have it, “it's all about being less conscious about what you put on and enjoying yourself. Sometimes, clothes can be too tricky to wear that you end up worrying about the little things. Our new collection is composed of pieces that are just meant to be worn, enjoyed and lived in–in style and luxury.”

Tyler boutiques are located in R1 of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Level 2 of EDSA Shangri-La Mall, 3rd floor of The Podium, 2nd floor of Glorietta 4, and Adora in Greenbelt 5.

For more information, email


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Hello, Lovelies! Sorry for not being able to post personal stuffs lately, been sick and quite busy for a couple of things but I'll try my best now to catch up! :) I have a lot to share actually, so let me start with this lovely customized varsity jacket I got from VJ by ESTILO LIBRE.

I have known Estilo Libre OnLineSHOP as a store that offer things such as beauty products, slimming products, fragrances, bags, pouches and accessories. And you know what excites me more? It's when I discovered that they also offer customized varsity jacket! Ohw! I've been wanting to own one! And now I'm so happy to finally show the full details of this lovely customized varsity jacket to all of you! :) 
Happiness is everywhere the moment I received this jacket! Well, I personally picked the color combination of this jacket and the result is just oh so amazing! Do you agree with me??? :)
My Thea Women (SILVER) from CROCS PHThis is so comfortable to wear and just right for weather nowadays. :)
So does my outfit make sense? I mean for the rainy days? Haha! Well, the rain doesn't want to stop so it's necessary for me to have a jacket to keep me warm! :) 
To sum it all up I am 100% satisfied with the result! 
The colors are so perfect plus the design. I love the type of cloth they used in making this jacket. I'm a happy kid now! Really! :D

Okay, do you want to have a customized varsity jacket, too? Have them in your most favorite colors! I highly suggest now that you visit Varsity Jacket by ESTILO LIBRE! Don't ever think twice, lovelies! Check their shop now! :)

I hope you liked my post, lovelies! Don't forget to join my local giveaway HERE and INTERNATIONAL Giveaway HERE.


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