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Finding wishtrend made my beauty routine more exiting, why? Because they offer a lot of Korean beauty products that everyone will surely love! Just look at these items I got from wishtrend.com:

What does wishtrend says about this product?

Fresh and organic body care
All our HELLO EVERYBODY NATURE HOLIC body care products use organic  Herb Aloe Water that is certified by ECOCERT. It provides dry skin with an  immediate burst of moisture  and nourishes the moisture barrier to break the  cycle of dry skin.
This fresh grapefruit fragrance makes your skin emollient. It is an ideal daily care for skin. Indian gooseberry extract can help prevent sun damage and premature skin aging, as it is a potent natural antioxidant. 
You gotta love these products as well! I just can't resist of the scent it can give and how they help my skin to be soft and prevents dryness. I recommend that you try these or even the other scent as well! Get them HERE.
And how about this Aloe Gel? Well, I found this product very helpful! Really! It helps my skin to be softer and smoother than before but it just takes time before you see the effect and I only use this thrice a week. 
See how every products of wishtrend are perfectly sealed. Even the Hello Everybody Body wash & Body Lotion in Grape Fruit also have this type of seal. 
Here's the product specifications:
  • Moisturizing and Skin elasticity
  • Softer and smoother! 
  • Pore management with Green tea extract! 
  • Mild
You just have to put a good amount on your palms, lather then apply to necessary area and let the skin absorb it then after 15mins wash it with water. It is recommended to use 1-2x a week but I tried using it thrice a week and it worked! :)

If you want to purchase this, simply go HERE. 

And I have a good news for you lovelies! Just use the code FASHIONGALLERY to have your items ship to you FREELY! This is only valid until the end of September so make sure to make the most of it! Okay? :)

For more Korean beauty products just go to www.wishtrend.com!


XX, Jen!♥

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  1. Thanks for the review of our products. You can see more products at wishtrend.com ! Wishtrend will be the hub of Korean cosmetics. Thanks again and have a wonderful day !


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