Hello, Lovelies! Sorry for not being able to post personal stuffs lately, been sick and quite busy for a couple of things but I'll try my best now to catch up! :) I have a lot to share actually, so let me start with this lovely customized varsity jacket I got from VJ by ESTILO LIBRE.

I have known Estilo Libre OnLineSHOP as a store that offer things such as beauty products, slimming products, fragrances, bags, pouches and accessories. And you know what excites me more? It's when I discovered that they also offer customized varsity jacket! Ohw! I've been wanting to own one! And now I'm so happy to finally show the full details of this lovely customized varsity jacket to all of you! :) 
Happiness is everywhere the moment I received this jacket! Well, I personally picked the color combination of this jacket and the result is just oh so amazing! Do you agree with me??? :)
My Thea Women (SILVER) from CROCS PHThis is so comfortable to wear and just right for weather nowadays. :)
So does my outfit make sense? I mean for the rainy days? Haha! Well, the rain doesn't want to stop so it's necessary for me to have a jacket to keep me warm! :) 
To sum it all up I am 100% satisfied with the result! 
The colors are so perfect plus the design. I love the type of cloth they used in making this jacket. I'm a happy kid now! Really! :D

Okay, do you want to have a customized varsity jacket, too? Have them in your most favorite colors! I highly suggest now that you visit Varsity Jacket by ESTILO LIBRE! Don't ever think twice, lovelies! Check their shop now! :)

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XX, Jen!♥

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