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Hello, lovelies! It's Tuesday already and just like that, 2012 is half over. Did you noticed that? Time flies really fast, so I suggest make the most of 2012! Aryt?
Anyway, just want to share my very casual outfit last Sunday when I attended a mass. I wore my Flower Pattern Collar Sleeveless Dress with Bound Waist from OASAP. This dress is very simple and chic, wearing them alone can really standout in the crowd, agree? This dress was made of chiffon and features a round neck with flower pattern collar sleeveless styling, bound waist design, in knee length cut. The length of this dress is just right on me.
On this outfit, I did not pile up too much accessories because I want to emphasize my hair and make up but my hair was an epic fail! Why? Because it was my first time to curl my hair on my own and just look at the result, not really good :( but practice makes perfect and I will do it more often until I achieved that oh so perfect curly hair! Haha! Cheer me, dolls! :)

And with my make-up, I made it simple and fresh to complement my overall outfit. And yah I did it all by myself and I did not ask help to my beautician cousin. Hihi! *Just sharing* :)
For my make-up I used REVLON (Primer, Airbrush Foundation, Combo of Lipstick in Blush + Balm Stain in Cherish) Victoria's Secret (Eye shadow, bronzer and eyeliner) ELF (eye primer & line sealer) RIMMEL (Mascara) and I'm on the go even without a blush on. :)
My single white embellished stones bracelet is indeed catchy! 
Closer look of the flower pattern collar of this dress. Neatly done, right? :)
How do I look on a side view pose? Haha! Credits to my mom, mind you she's doing great in taking photos of me! *Applause*
And I'm wearing my Hasp Embellished Pumps in Light Apricot from WHOLESALE-DRESS.NET. And they just go well with my blue dress, right? I just feel so comfortable wearing them plus I think they make my feet appear  slimmer! I don't know why but I feel so sexy wearing them! Haha~ Do you know how much it cost? It's only $13.51! Woah! It's not too pricey yet fashionable enough plus the comfort it can give. Too many good finds in a cheap price can be found at WHOLESALE-DRESS.NETI suggest that you give it a chance browsing the shop. :)
That's it! A very comfy and casual look. :) Do you think it suits me well? From my hair down to my shoes? I will highly appreciate if you'll leave a comment on this post. :) 




Any thoughts about my post? :)

Lots of Love, Jen !

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