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Hi, lovelies! How's your weekend so far? I hope you're all enjoying it!  Anyway, let me show you my Geo Nudy  Brown Circle Lens that I got from This is actually a long overdue post *sigh* but here's the review now.

About the shop: was set up in 2008, our aim, to provide an easy way to buy products that can sometimes cause embarrassment. We are a small team of friendly people;  
At Shoppingholics our philosophy is to provide a discreet, friendly and fun interface where our customers can make their sensitive purchases in total confidence. We strive for customer satisfaction by selecting only trusted brands on the market backed up with excellent customer service and swift, discreet delivery.  
We pride ourselves on delivering your products in a swift and discreet manner and this all packages are sent by Pos Malaysia. No Company or product details will be visible.
Here's what I received, a thank you card with a very helpful instruction too, the lenses bottle are inside that cute box which means they are very sealed and one cute animal case in color pink.
Here's how they look inside the box.
And look at that GEO sticker, it contains the 20 digit code that will help you identify if these are authentic. And of course I did it for safety sake, and tadan "Dear customer, you bought the genuine Geo product made in Korea.Please rest assured to wear it! Thanks!" that simply means that these lenses are authentic and not fake! 
Shoppingholics only wants the best for their customers, style plus safety. Don't you just like that?

Back to the contact lenses:

Origin: Korea

 Diameter : 14.0mm
 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal

Just look how lovely the designs are! :)
Do you like this color? It's really a nude brown in color, not the usual brown contact lenses that I've used before.

So let me share my  thoughts about these lenses. 

Design & Color - The design is very different, it's sensational! The ring around the lenses is far different from my previous lenses, these don't have a solid black ring around the edges but it has a very well designed edges which is closely similar with the overall design of it. And the color is beyond amazing, somewhat a combination of a light, dark, golden brown with a hint of grey.

Enlargement - The diameter of these lenses are only 14.0mm. Surely just close to a normal eye size and will not make your eyes appear more bigger. Since I'm a fan of bigger lenses I prefer if they have bigger diameter than this though it is good enough somehow. 

Comfort -  These contact lenses are comfortable to wear. They don’t dry out your eyes that quick perhaps I can wear them for about 8-9 hours without feeling uneasy with the contact lenses and without even having to put eye-drops.

Design -  
Enlargement - 
Comfort - 

That's all for these contact lenses and if you're convinced enough why don't you purchase at www.shoppingholics.comAnd if ever you want other designs don't hesitate cause they have a lot of designs and in different color. 

And this shop also have a variety of beauty products!
Check them out now! 

That’s all for now, lovelies! Hope you enjoyed reading this post!  Comments are highly appreciated! 



  1. the box is soo cute! i like the colour of the lens and the design is really pretty. they suit you really well :) thanks for the great review. xo

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