When rainy days are here to stay, Crocs can save the day! (Funky flair Crocs for the rainy season)


(Manila, Philippines, 10 August 2012) When the rain starts to pour, and you’re unprepared for the season, there is only one clamor– I shouldve worn the right shoes! Because there is nothing worse than your most delicate pair drenched in water and streaked with mud.
We may be in a tropical country, but in this side of the globe, sunshine and rainy days always come as a surprise, and we can’t be left unguarded. So what’s Crocs’ take on this? 

Wear the right pair of shoes that can keep you dry in wet weather.
The fickle weather won’t keep you from staying sassy in style; so let these funky new Crocs save the day. The world’s comfiest shoe brand has definitely gone beyond its most popular clogs line. Welcome the latest sneakers, rain boots, and ballet flats that can withstand the wet season.

Come waterproof with the Rainfloe Boots. Not only are these rain boots lightweight, thanks to the Croslite™ material, but they’re also easy to pull on and take off. It’s also equipped with rubber outsole pods for traction on slippery surface. Did we also mention they warm your feet? 
Similarly, the little ones shouldn’t mind the rain at all, especially when they’re geared up in the Kid’s Handle It Rain Boots. They’re extra lightweight, non-slip, and come in fun colors that can go with any playful outfit.
For the loyal sneaker addicts, get that casual getup fix with the Hover Slip-on Denim and the Hover Lace-up sneakers. It’s easy to achieve that laid-back vibe when you’re assured of comfort and breathability from this pair, not to mention water-free.

But if offbeat is your take on style, the Crocsweld Hover Sneaker and Crocsweld Hover Slip on are a sure hit. They may look like the classics, but they’ll surely take your fashion statement a notch higher while providing the same lightweight and breathability.
The ballet flats, of course, are still eye candy, and the Carlisa Mini Wedge will give you the desired height so you won’t have to worry about wet roads. It’s also easy to wear sunshine in its candy-like colors. You can also go for animal print with the Carlisa Giraffe, while other go-to rainy flats are the Crosmesh Hover Skimmer and the Crosmesh Ballet Flat, which give your feet a snug fit and a cozy feel once you slip on these pairs.
Be prepared for rainy days, and enjoy the delight they bring with a pair of Crocs. They're colorful, functional, and easy to maintain - exactly what we need during a downpour. There are a lot of shoes out there, but Crocs has made its mark of bringing profound comfort and functionality to everyone’s feet. Plus, every shoe is made extra lightweight, a special touch that can only be found in a Crocs store near you. 

Visit www.crocs.com.ph and Crocs Philippines on Facebook and @CrocsPH on Twitter for additional information.


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