Looking forward to 2012 VS Fashion Show


Hi, dolls! Are you excited as I am to this year Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I bet you are, too! Pretty sure it's more fantabulous than before because they always aim to make it better than ever and that's why each fashion show was always a success.  
Last year fashion show was my favorite one because it's my favorite Miranda Kerr who rock the runway wearing the 2.5 Million Dollar Fantasy Bra!! Read my post about it HERE.
And this year, it is confirmed that Alessandra Ambrosio will be the one who will wear the 2013 Fantasy Bra! It's officially known as the ‘Floral Fantasy Bra’, it was created by London Jewelers, features amethysts, rubies, sapphires and diamonds (including a 20-carat white diamond in the center). And let's not forget the matching belt adorned with more than 5,200 precious gems.
Quoted from Alessandra Ambrosio's facebook page "I am so honored to be wearing the Fantasy Bra in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! London Jewelers did an amazing job and it is absolutely stunning. Can't wait for you all to see it in the show ". 

And by the way, the performers on this upcoming fashion show are showed on the photo below. ;)
Oh c'mon! I can picture out a really amazing fashion show this year! Can you believe that? Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars for 2012 VS Fashion Show? You wouldn't want to miss it! They will absolutely spice up those stunning angels on the runway! Can't wait! :)

So now, are you excited as I am? Tell me, dolls! At this very moment I'm dreaming of becoming an angel, again! Lol! They are all really stunning, they rock in their very own way on the runway. All the best for this year Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! :)

Meanwhile, you can watch again last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show here.
Credits to Jeno Lucky for this Youtube Video.


11. 16. 2012 - SM Accessories (Unveiling Soon - Part 2)

Heads turn when he's around, thanks to his good looks, charisma, and impeccable fashion sense. Primetime TV's knight is joining our empire of stylistas this November!
Take a look at the teaser video below :)

No worries, guys. His looks are achievable with premium items from us! Twelve lucky guys get a chance to follow his fashion with premium leather items from SM Accessories once this video gets 1,000 shares: http://bit.ly/SMTeaser2 :)

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Buyer's Pick on ROMWE

Another great news from  ROMWEdolls! They have this “Buyer’s Pick” catalog over here >> http://www.romwe.com/Buyer's-Pick-c-118.html and they offer up to 30% off, from November 2nd through 8th.

Most of the items in this catalog are selected individually by our fashion team.  They have also included exclusive Romwe-Signature items as well. 

Don't you enjoy having a lot of offer from ROMWE? Well, for me, it's irresistible not to shop from them.

And oh, let's all greet ROMWE's team a happy happy birthday tomorrow (November 1) as they celebrate their 3rd birthday! :) Way to go ROMWE's team!! Keep it up and more power! Cheers! :)

ROMWELatest High Street Fashion Online 
Check out the buyer's pick catalog now >> http://www.romwe.com/Buyer's-Pick-c-118.html <3

Happy Shopping & Happy Halloween! 

Trick or Treat :)

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These Days


Hi, dolls! One quick outfit post for today. I wore this last Sunday,  a simple and color coordinated one :) Shades of black and brown. I'm on a rush that time that's why this is the only photo I have, eh?  Just ignore the background. Hehe ;)

Let me end this post with the song, These Days of Rascal Flatts

"Punch the clock
Head for home
Check the phone, just incase
Go to bed
Dream of you
That's what I'm doing these days"

Hope you liked this post. :) Happy Tuesday! 


Romwe's Halloween Sale -Shopping Bag

Hi, lovelies! Remember my post about ROMWE's big Halloween Sale HERE? Well, I just want to share what I got from them. :) 

Let me start with this Starry Night Leggings that I've been eying to have the past weeks. And finally decided to purchase one. ;) I just hope I've chosen the right size :P
And next to my list is this Mimetic Buskin Jacquard Weave Tights which I found really cute to pair up with most of my not-too-short-for-me-dresses. Haha! Well, let's see how this will end up to be. :)

So next is this Leather-look Slim Shirt, I think I'm so into leather clothing lately, have you noticed it? Well, you will on my future posts. :) This is so damn awesome! And  I got it for only $23.87 because it's 50% off from the original price! I just hope I won't end up not having this :( Because my order is still on the process and sometimes I end up having a refund because of the out-of-stock issue. Wish me luck! 

And last on my bag is this Mesh Montage Split Black Shirt which is not actually included in the Halloween sale, too bad yet it's fine because I really love this one. The details is just so amazing! :) Can't wait to wear them, I think they still have 47 units in stock as of this very moment. Feel free to grab your own! :P 

And that's all what I have for now but looking forward to a more shopping galore at ROMWE because I will never have enough of them :) They always offer a discount codes plus have a lot of items on sale! Amazing it is! :)

So for now lovelies enjoy their Halloween sale which is until November 1st! Go here  http://www.romwe.com/Happy-Halloween-Sale-c-182.html for the selected items on sale! :)


Beauty UK- Eyeshadow Palette #1


I have this palette a long time ago and finally here's my review on this product. I got this Beauty UK- Eyeshadow Palette #1 (PASTELS) from SKYE AVENUEthis shop offers a wide range of products from -- authentic slimming products, Strip It!, Sugaring Wax Kits, NYX Cosmetics, Korean Cosmetics, Krave Mineral Cosmetics, Beauty UK Cosmetics and many more.
Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes - As featured in Vogue.
With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beautyuk fan must have! - BEAUTY UK
I love the packaging of this palette, its sleek and also includes a mirror just right to see your eyes while putting the eyeshadow, the mirror is very useful if you're on the go.
The colors available in this pastel sets is just what I'm looking for, It includes may favorite color which is shades of green and the rest are very light and easy to blend in. 
Here's the swatches for you to observe yourselves. :)
I love neutrals and pastels when it comes to make up, It's the basic shades for me because I'm just beginning to learn doing make-up on my own. The colors on this palette are all shimmery as you can see and the shades are quite perfect for everyday make-up, a day or night time, whenever you want. :) And oh It is best to use a primer before applying this eyeshadow for long staying power. 

Check out SKYE AVENUE now and explore how lovely their products are! You can also purchase this same eyeshadow palette from them, too. :)

I hope you find this post helpful. Any thoughts about this eyeshadow palette? Just leave a comment. :) 

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Plain and Colorful

I have a huge interest about aztec patterns nowadays because they are so refreshing for me, colorful aztecs beams positive vibes over me just like my iPhone Pink Aztec Pattern case from ANOTHER CASEI'll be making a separate review post for those lovely cases I got from their  shop. 

I'm wearing my Black/White Chevron Caged Back Romper from WILDDOLLThis romper is very light and easy, featuring a caged back and side pockets for added detail and comfort. I admire its simplicity which gives me a chance to style it up with colorful accessories.

And I have good news about this romper, lovelies! It's actually on SALE right now from $24.97, its price now is $14.97! $10 deducted, ain't that awesome? Lovely romper on a not so expensive price. :) Go visit their shop HERE
My lovely necklace and bracelets are both from KIKAY KAYE SHOP which I already mentioned on my previous outfit post. And don't forget to join the ongoing giveaway HERE.
The back details of the romper. 
And for my footwear, I wore my Textured Silver-tone Flat Shoes from ROMWE. I really love this shoes though it's quite tight for me but I can manage wearing them for a couple of hours. This is so comfy if it just fits my feet so well. *sigh*
That's all for now, mi lovelies! Hope you liked them ;) Buon Giorno! 


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Hearts, Spikes & Stripes


This outfit post was somehow inspired by Ms. Laureen Uy's blog post HEREI was actually thinking of wearing this DIY shorts of mine when I passed by her blog post and the idea pops out my mind. :)

I've got this Neon Stripes Tie Top from WILDDOLL months ago and I end up pairing this top on my DIY dyed purple shorts. This top features neon yellow and neutral nude stripes, a tie front and lightweight knit fabric. 

This is so perfect on a calm-casual-kind-of-day. And don't you like the distressed style of my shorts? The dyeing process actually is an epic fail for me at first because I thought the dyeing powder I used will not do its work. But somehow I'm happy of the result. Faded purple? :)
I just add a little more neon accent by wearing these neon spikes bracelets I got from  KIKAY KAYE SHOP
Thank you, Miss Kaye, for sending me these lovely items from your shop. 
I tell you lovelies her shop have those trendy accessories in town. See for yourselves. Like her shop on facebook HERE.

And by the way there's a local giveaway going on HERE and her shop is 
one of the sponsors. Join Now! :)

And take a look at my heart shape sunnies from GIANT VINTAGEthe color matches my shorts very well. :)

And I end up wearing my super comfy solemate shoes in orange. This was one of my carefree outfit ever. 
Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun. :) 

That's all for now and I hope you liked this post, lovelies. Have a fabulous weekend.


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Win A Pair Of Bedazzled Loafers from Wild Doll

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Win these lovely Wild Doll's Bedazzled Loafers! ♥ 

Candy Magic King Size Brown


Hi, lovelies! How are you all doing? Here I am again for another circle lens review and it's from EYECANDYLENS.COM
EyecandyLens.com is an online marketer of cosmetic products.  We were established after months of extensive research and experimentation to find the best quality products we could find.  Our specialty is cosmetic color circle and contact lenses.   We are dedicated to helping our customers enhance their confidence and charisma through this novel beauty tool. 
I've been planning to post this review a long time ago but my busy schedule failed to comply with it. Worry no more now because here's my review. :)
The package I received includes a pair of circle lens itself, lens case, eye candy lens card and a cute wear and care instructions brochure. 
Brand: EOS

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5 mm with 16.0 mm effect
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

What can you say about the color of these circle lens? Personally, this is one of my favorite! I think i should try other color next time for a change, something like Green or Violet? Hmm. Sounds interesting! Bold colors and design are my next agenda! :)

Here are my thoughts about these lenses. 

Design & ColorThe design is indeed beautiful! The little spikes gives an anime looks. It's medium to dark brown blends perfectly plus it's thick and prominent black outer ring adds a little drama and makes your eyes appear bigger in a nice way.

Enlargement - The diameter of these lenses are 14.5mm. It really makes your eyes appear bigger than usual. And I really admire this kind of diameter so this is just right for me.

Comfort -  These are really comfy to wear! They don’t dry out your eyes that quick and it don't leave you an uneasy  feeling if you wear them longer than 6-7 hours.

Design -  
Enlargement - 
Comfort - 

A perfect 15 for these circle lens! It's awesomely perfect for me! :) How about you? Did you like it? If you're a fan of bigger size circle lenses, you should try this one! And don't forget to avail this at EYECANDYLENS.COM.

And this shop also have a variety of beauty products!

And by the way QUALITY is of utmost importance to EYECANDYLENS.COM. All their lenses are sourced from reputable manufacturers in South Korea who are certified by the KFDA and various other international health regulations.  Their products are 100% authentic guaranteed or your money back. 

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