Autumn Kickoff Sale


Hi, dolls! Here's one good news I want to share. ROMWE's holding an Autumn Kickoff Sale and you only have 3 days left!!!

No matter best sellers or new pieces are on discount, saving up to 50%. 
It lasts for one week and will end on 14th Of October, better be on a hurry now! Here is the link

Beside the sale going on, they also offer me 3 coupon codes to use and luckily I can share them my lovely readers. :)

Here they are:

Code1:Oct15   (Save $15 for $80+)
Code2:Oct25   (Save $25 for $115+)
Code3:Oct35   (Save $35 for $155+)

Please take note that they are only valid before 10/15/2012 and one code can only be used with one order.

Go shop online now at WWW.ROMWE.COM. :)


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