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Cut-Out Back Pleated Nude Dress

Hi, lovelies! I'm keeping my personal blog more active nowadays for all of you. :) Here's an outfit post for tonight's blog post. 

Why wear a backless little dress? Well, for me it's for us to appear more sexy in a mystic and subtle way. If you have a sexy back, why not flaunt it to the world? Haha! Just make sure to keep things in balance when wearing this audacious kind of dress, it is good to to have a covered-up front in partner with a naked back. Don't mind those statement necklaces and earrings, for sure your dress will stand out on its own. :)

This nude dress that I'm wearing is just right for a daytime occasion, because I wore this during my godchild JB's birthday celebration and it's an afternoon event.
You can noticed that I'm wearing a long cardigan here because I'm just prepared in case I'm trapped in a chilly venue! Lol! Smart girl, right? Haha!
And I got this cardigan from HERSHOPPEthey offer a lot of fabulous items on  a very affordable prices! Make sure you visit their shop now :)

Thank you Mary Rosalyn of HERSHOPPE for sending this! By the way it's her birthday to day, let's greet her!! Happy Birthday, Mary! :) She's actually a good friend of mine. :D
Oh and look at me with that Cut-out Back Pleated Nude Dress alone. ;) I got this dress from ROMWE, one of my favorite online shops! Don't you love how this dress was made? I love every details of this dress.
Look at my back! Thanks to THIS my bacne are almost gone now. :) 

And look at my sexy T-bar Platform Heeled Sandals from CHICNOVA, these and my dress looks perfect together, right? Remember how I love these sandals? You can read my post HERE. :)

CHICNOVA shop implies beautiful & modern design, dressing like a nova (new star). You must check them now, you'll find their products really stylish. 
Aren't they so lovely? What do you think of this outfit? I'd love to hear from you lovelies, just leave a comment on this post, I will appreciate it for sure! :) Hope you liked this post. :)
Dress (ROMWE) Cardigan (HERSHOPPE) Sandals (CHICNOVA)



  1. Looking fab :) how much is the cardigans please? <3

    1. Thanks po! :) Around 300 or 350 ata mee? I forgot na! Hehe >.<

    2. I see thanks beautiful :D <333

    3. You're welcome, mee! :) <333

  2. Did you sew on bra pads for that dress?


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