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Happy Tuesday, lovelies! :) Another make-up product review, I you hope you'll find this post helpful. :) I have this ELF Eye Primer & Liner Sealer months ago and I got it HERE.

About this product:
The Prime side sets your eyeshadow in so your color won’t fade, bleed or crease. The Liner side transforms your favorite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner with this unique clear liquid and built-in felt tip precision eyeliner brush. Now you can have your eye makeup lasting longer for no fuss no budge color.
The main reason I've chosen this product is because of the primer and I really didn't know the use of the liner sealer before, I just experimented on it and luckily I've done it right. :)
Normally, primers are used as a base for your eyeshadow, right? Apply them, blend in and voila it will make your eyeshadow more vibrant plus it keeps them last longer.
What I love about this primer:
  • It blends in so easily
  • The color is nude/natural, just right for me
  • It helps the eyeshadow lasts for 6-7hours 
And what I hate about it:
  • Since it's in a stick form I'm afraid it will be broken into 2 pieces *Just be extra careful when using it*
Here's the swatch, epic fail I forget to do swatches with eyeshadow on but I have a photo of my eye make-up bu the end of this post. :)
Now it's the liner sealer's turn!
Personally, as of now I'm in love with this product because I don't have a black liquid liner at the moment. Haha! But seriously, this works on well as an alternative liquid eye liner. :)
What I love about this:
  • You can choose any shade of eye shadow to use as eye liner
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts for more than 7 hours
  • Doesn't smudge
What I hate:
  • In case you'll be using different shade of eyeshadow, the sealer tip tends to contaminate the whole sol'n *Just clean it first thru using a make up remover or wash them out on running water* It needs some effort ~ though some stain still remained. >.<
And here's a photo of my eye make up using this product! I'm not yet a pro make up artist, so don't judge! Lol. :) Anyway, I used the black eyeshadow from my 88 palette that will be review anytime soon, I think the sealer will work if you have a really good eyeshadow just like that. :)
Overall, I'll rate this product 4.5/5. :) It's a good alternative for me, while I'm practicing on how to put liquid eye liner. I'm improving, right? Hehe!

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Hope you liked my post! And by the way, have you tried this already? What are your says about it? Share! Share! Share! :)

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